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CSR Initiatives

CSR Initiatives

Life is a journey on this road, we never know what lies ahead and yes we want the future to be free from anxiety. To wipe all tears of suffering and sadness from every face, helplessness too would end and pain would melt away. We hold so strong, won’t lose our ground. Forward we’ll move on and on. To strive to heal this world from disease,we’ll work to find new ways.

Staying true to our anthem, we at Apollo Hospitals have always believed in creating a world free from pain.

being socially responsible

The commitment of Apollo Hospitals to social responsibility and the pursuit of societal good through inclusive healthcare inspired us towards fulfilling India colossal rural healthcare needs. We focus on bringing quality healthcare within the reach of all people regardless of their geographic location or economic status.Apollo Hospitals aspires to be a socially responsible corporate citizen delivering superior and sustainable value to all.

the apollo foundation

In order to achieve this goal universally, we established the Apollo Foundation.

The vision of Dr. Prathap C Reddy, the Founder of Apollo Hospitals Group is what translates into the mission of the Apollo Foundation, which is, “to create meaningful interactions with people of our society, and help enhance their quality of life in every way we can.”

We have always strongly believed in pioneering social initiatives that help surpass barriers and make a real difference. With an aim to upgrade the standards of healthcare across various regions, we have started several impactful programmes.

They cover:

Rural Development
Research in Healthcare
Education, Skill Development and Vocational Training

In addition to this, Apollo Foundation also works extensively in the areas of Pediatric Cardiology, Cancer Care, Cardiovascular Risk Awareness, Hearing Impairment, Medical Awareness Campaigns, Distance Healthcare and Disaster Relief Programmes. With organizations like SACHi, The Billion Hearts Beating Foundation, SAHI, CURE, DISHA, REACH we aspire to make timely and quality healthcare available to all.

UPDATED ON 19/08/2021

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