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Apollo Hospitals introduces India’s first Comprehensive Connected Care Services.

Posted by Apollo Hospitals | 04 Sep,2023

Apollo Hospitals has launched India’s first Comprehensive Connected Care programme; powered by Apollo’s Connected Care technology. Apollo has always been the pioneer in bringing the best and the most relevant technologies; and now, the national roll out of Apollo’s Comprehensive Connected Care services will offer clinical teams and nursing staff a holistic real-time view of the patient, across several care touchpoints along the patient journey such as emergency & ambulance, In-patient, post-surgery and home care.

Launched earlier this year, Apollo’s Enhanced Connected Care programme saw a significant increase in the quality and safety benefits in turn improving overall patient experience. From 1 hour of nursing time saved per shift and reduced patient re-admissions to ICU by 30%, to detecting over 8-10 early warning critical alerts per 100 monitored beds and receiving almost Zero code blue (emergency) calls, an indication that if a patient needs immediate medical attention, this programme ensures no critical event is missed and patient safety is ensured at every step of the way.

With over 1000 beds already equipped with the real time, rapid-response patient monitoring system across Apollo Hospitals in Hyderabad and Bangalore, the company plans to add another 2000 connected beds for all in-patients by the end of this year. In fact, Apollo’s Jayanagar & Hyderguda hospitals in Bangalore & Hyderabad, respectively currently provide Enhanced Connected Care coverage to all the in-patients, making them India’s first fully smart hospitals.

Dr. Sangita Reddy, Joint Managing Director, Apollo Hospitals Group, said, “The whole paradigm of care delivery is changing, and the changes will only accelerate in the years ahead. The promise of having Comprehensive Connected Care technology has expanded the opportunities for how medical experts and patients interact, offering care at every touchpoint. As it advances, patients will experience better health outcomes and increased access to healthcare, clinicians are able to maximize their time, make more informed decisions and deliver continuous care. With this, we will continue to strive and build a connected health system that improves patient safety and enhances clinical outcomes, putting India on the global connected health map.”

Prof. Ravi P Mahajan, Director Critical Care Integration & Transformation, Apollo Hospitals said, “Technology clearly makes a significant difference in improving patient outcomes and we at Apollo are committed to lead the best healthcare experience for all. Our Comprehensive Connected Care services represents a significant breakthrough in healthcare delivery as it enables us to provide the highest quality care experience to our patients across the care continuum. Our Enhanced Connected Care programme across select Apollo Hospitals has seen huge success with patients benefiting from this unique experience. Augmenting the quality of care and safety provided to patients, this continuous monitoring system enables us to monitor patients 24*7 thus ensuring significant improvement in patient’s condition management and health outcome. And, now we are all set to roll out these services across all our 70+ hospitals nationwide as we remain committed to bring patients the best healthcare in the world.”

Backed by AI, this indigenously developed enhanced care technology is designed to continuously monitor and detect early signs of deterioration in a patient’s condition, enabling the care team to initiate corrective action sooner. Additionally, it enables nurses and doctors to monitor patient health remotely – from nurse stations, command centre or even from their mobiles.

Based on the data provided from the system and the patient’s electronic medical record, doctors at Apollo’s regional command centres are equipped to assess the condition of the patient and recommend further support or treatment.

In certain unforeseen cases, the system is capable of detecting ‘critical’ or ‘severely critical’ alerts, and notifying medical emergency teams to initiate immediate action.

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Posted by:Apollo Hospitals
04 Sep,2023
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