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It was so refreshing to be treated with such efficiency, compassion, competence and respect at the Apollo Hospital. By Staff and Doctors alike. I would like to extend my sincerest gratitude to Dr. Sajan Hegde and his team, all staff at the Apollo Hospitals and of course to the International Patients Division for such great personal attention. I am forever grateful to you all. Attached are a few photos so that you are able to see the BEFORE and AFTER and the huge impact and changes to my life. I welcome all questions, if I can be of any help please do not hesitate to contact me. I will be more than happy to share.
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In this world everything needs improvement in general, but in your hospital I find that continuous improvement round the clock is going on which should be kept up. Its really a world-class experience for me.
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The hospital staff and doctors were very co-operative. Doctors have given the right advice to the patient. I felt very good in the hospital.
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I am grateful for the top class facility provided to me at Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals.
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Medical Tourism: More Efficient and Affordable Ear Nose and Throat Surgery at Apollo Hospitals, India. Rajeev Rameth is an engineer project lead and department head for Atkins Middle East and India .While residing in London for several years he suffered from chronic nasal obstruction, diagnosed as hay fever by his UK physicians. Hay fever during winter is not normal so I knew it was not just hay fever, said Rameth. My nasal passage each morning was air tight. Only after a couple of hours would my speech be normal and not until in the afternoon would I be able to breathe easily. It was a poor quality of life. While on a recent assignment in Bangalore, India, Rameth consulted Ear, Nose and Throat Specialist Dr. Kumaresh Krishnamoorthy. []. My initial impression was that he is very thorough, speaks clearly, and his explanation and diagnosis were very convincing, said Rameth,He asked to take a CT scan of my nose immediately. The efficiency with which the physician could schedule the CT scan and discuss the results with the patient speaks volumes about the advantages of trusted medical tourism destinations like the Apollo Hospital chain in India. “Within five minutes the CT was scheduled, reports Rameth, “and I only waited about an hour before the doctor was able to review the scan results with me and show me exactly what was causing my problem. According to Rameth, none of the physicians he consulted in London ever suggested a CT scan. He described his medical care in UK as It didn't go well there. I don't know how it is in America, said Rameth, but in the UK maybe if I faint and they take me to the hospital they might take a CT scan but because I am healthy and fit they say it's just hay fever.On May 22, Rameth had Laser Turbinoplasty performed by Dr. Krishnamoorthy at Apollo Hospital in Bangalore, India. The surgery cost less than $2,000 (US) including the overnight stay in the hospital for tests run to make sure he was fit for the day surgery. The cost of the procedure and hospitalization was covered by his company insurance through International SOS []. The result so far is really fantastic, reports Rameth,I can intake as much air as I wish through my nose. The velocity is really good.

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This is a wonderful hospital. The doctors & support staff are very co-operative and amiable. The way in which medical treatment is rendered at Apollo Chennai with a humane touch is extremely praiseworthy.
Apollo has been a home away from home, wonderful staff, the best care one can expect. I would strongly recommend Apollo to anyone who seeks quality healthcare.
Thank you Apollo. For the best medical care I have received
Apollo has touched my life, thanks to its wonderful doctors and staff and Chennai is a good city. Thank you Apollo.
I would like to thank Apollo Hospitals, its doctors and the international patients service team for the wonderful experience we had during my treatment. The nursing staff has given us wonderful care and we had a great experience. Chennai is such a wonderful city with lot of nice people.
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All the staff have been wonderfully gracious and kind! It would be difficult to name one in particular because all were very attentive and helpful.
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We had a fantastic doctor at Apollo Chennai. A very pleasing experience.
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Every one was friendly and efficient. International Coordinators are good.
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Excellent. Thank you.
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This is my first trip to India. It is a big step to place your health and welfare into unknown hands. I feel this trust was merited. All levels of your staff were clean, proper and very kind.
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Thank you so much for taking care of us. We think of you daily. Apollo is very special for us.

UPDATED ON 22/05/2023

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