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Apollo Life launches M.I.N.D Line, tele-counselling helpline

Apollo Life, a sister initiative of the Apollo Hospitals Group, launched Apollo M.I.N.D. Line, a tele-counselling helpline to address an array of psychological issues prevalent in society.

According to the company, Apollo M.I.N.D. Line has been conceived to offer guidance and extend support to individuals of all ages in finding the right solutions to all their emotional and psychological problems – be it their professional woes, family troubles, or even a minor personal conflict that they are confronting alone. There are multiple such services available today, but the expertise of its service is one of its kinds. As a corporate social responsibility, this service is available freely to all students below the age of 23 to get the right counselling on time management and methods to deal with examination stress.

Speaking at occasion of the launch, Mr.Yogesh Sethi, CEO, Apollo Life, said, “”We found that individuals find it difficult to open up and talk about what is bothering them concerning their friends and family. Added to the time constriction, they are even apprehensive in consulting a psychologist. Apollo M.I.N.D Line is for them, it assures complete confidentiality and anonymity to all the individuals. It is a safe comfort zone for refuge.””

Dr Savita Date Menon, senior VP – R&D, Apollo Life and a Clinical Psychologist, stressed the importance of a service like this in today’s competitive world. “”Time today doesn’t stand still for anybody. Every person has to be in a rush to get ahead with life. In such a world, it is necessary that people share their problems with somebody who can give guidance without being judgmental.””

To reclaim control over one’s life, a person has to follow just three simple steps:

  • SMS ‘APOLLOLIFE’ to 54545
  • Register online
  • Book appointment with their counsellor

This help-line has been conceptualized by some of the most distinguished clinical psychologists from the Apollo Hospitals Group, making it a credible source to turn to. Experienced to deal with highly delicate and personal issues, these counsellors will help people of all demographics within the society, from college students coping with academic or teenage issues; to mid-career professionals who need work place related advice; from young women suffering from various forms of abuse; to people over sixties, battling with anxieties of age.

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