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Best Haematologist in Chennai

Haematology is a medical speciality involving the study of blood and its components, including red and white blood cells, platelets, and plasma. From common conditions like anaemia and clotting disorders to more complex diseases such as leukaemia and lymphoma, haematologists are experts in managing various blood-related disorders. Haematologists are specialised doctors who have received extensive training in the field of haematology.

If you're experiencing symptoms like fatigue, weakness, frequent infections, unexplained bruising or bleeding, or swollen lymph nodes, it's essential to consult a top haematologist in Chennai. These specialists can identify potential issues with your blood cells or bone marrow that may require further investigation or treatment. With their expertise and years of experience managing complex blood disorders, these highly skilled professionals provide top-notch care for patients requiring haematological interventions in Chennai.

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Dr Prabu P


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13 years experience overall


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Dr Srikanth Murali Krishnan

MD, MRCP(UK), FRCPath(UK), Dip RCPath (UK), CCT(UK), Heamatology

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25 years experience overall

GREAMS ROAD & Annasalai & Poonamallee High Road , Chennai

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Dr T P R Bharadwaj

MBBS, MD(Gen medicine)

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30 years experience overall

Poonamallee High Road , Chennai

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Treatments Available Under Haematology:

Here are some of the treatments haematologists in Chennai are equipped to handle:

1. Chemotherapy: Administering anti-cancer drugs orally or intravenously to destroy cancer cells.

2. Blood Transfusion: Replacement of blood components such as red blood cells (RBCs) or platelets.

3. Immunotherapy: Utilising the body’s immune system to target and destroy cancerous cells.

4. Targeted Therapy: Using drugs that specifically target abnormal genes involved in cancer growth.

Services and Facilities Available at Apollo Hospitals in Chennai:

  • Comprehensive diagnostic services including blood tests, bone marrow aspiration, and biopsy.

  • Advanced imaging techniques like CT, MRI, and PET scans for accurate diagnosis.

  • Well-equipped transfusion centres for safe blood transfusions.

  • Dedicated oncology units providing specialised cancer care.

  • Post-treatment rehabilitation programs for improved recovery.

Advanced Technology and Equipment at Apollo Hospitals in Chennai:

Apollo Hospitals in Chennai is equipped with state-of-the-art technology and modern equipment to deliver the best possible outcomes for haematology patients. The hospital utilises advanced diagnostic tools like flow cytometry, genetic testing, and molecular diagnostics to ensure precise diagnosis and personalised treatment plans.

Best Haematologist in Chennai:

At Apollo Hospitals in Chennai, you can find some of the best haematologists who are skilled and possess extensive knowledge in treating complex blood disorders. Their proficiency, combined with the advanced facilities available at Apollo Hospitals, ensures that patients receive top-quality medical care. Whether you’re seeking treatment for blood cancer or a clotting disorder, choosing the best haematologist at Apollo Hospitals can make all the difference in your journey towards recovery.

If you’re facing any concerns related to haematology, consider visiting the team of top haematologists at Apollo Hospitals in Chennai. With their team of the best haematologists, advanced technology, and comprehensive services, they provide patients with the highest standard of care.

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