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Best Diabetologist in Chennai

Diabetology, as a specialised branch of medicine, is dedicated to diagnosing, treating, and managing diabetes mellitus.

A diabetologist is a medical expert who specialises in managing all types of diabetes, ranging from type 1 to type 2 and gestational diabetes. When it comes to diabetes, it is crucial to seek the expertise of a diabetologist for accurate diagnosis and effective treatment.

Diabetologists in Chennai and other cities have a comprehensive understanding of the disease. If you are in Chennai, you can benefit from personalised treatment plans developed by the best diabetologists in Chennai.

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Dr Chinnaiyan P

MD(Gen Med), FCGP, FCIP, D.Diab

Registration No



English, தமிழ், తెలుగు

36 years experience overall

Poonamallee High Road , Chennai

MON- SAT(09:00 AM-10:00 AM)

Dr Deepak M C

MBBS, G. Dip Diab, MD (Newcastle)

Registration No



English, हिंदी, தமிழ்

12 years experience overall

Vanagaram , Chennai

MON- SAT, MON- SAT(06:00 PM-07:00 PM)

Dr Rajendiran N

MD (Internal Medicine)

Registration No



English, हिंदी, ಕನ್ನಡ

43 years experience overall


MON- SAT, MON- SAT(10:00 AM-12:00 PM)

Dr Ravi G R


Registration No



English, தமிழ், తెలుగు

12 years experience overall

Poonamallee High Road , Chennai

SUN- SAT, MON- SAT(03:00 PM-03:30 PM)

Dr Shantharam D

MBBS,. MD., D. Diab,. Senior Consultant

Registration No



English, বাংলা

32 years experience overall


MON- SAT, MON- SAT | MON- SAT, MON- SAT(03:00 PM-04:00 PM | 12:00 PM-01:00 PM)

Dr Sudharsan N


Registration No



English, தமிழ், తెలుగు

25 years experience overall

Old Mahabalipuram Road , Chennai

MON- SAT(01:00 PM-03:00 PM)

Dr Venkatraman S

MD (Internal Medicine)

Registration No



English, தமிழ்

30 years experience overall


MON, WED, FRI, MON, WED, FRI(10:00 AM-12:30 PM)

Dr Vijaykumar G

MBBS, Diploma In Diabetes, Certificate Course in Diabetes Epidemiology, WHO

Registration No



English, தமிழ்

0 years experience overall

Annasalai , Chennai

MON- SAT, MON- SAT(03:00 PM-05:00 PM)

Treatments Available under Diabetology

Here are some of the treatments under Diabetology available under top diabetologists at Apollo Hospitals in Chennai:

  • Insulin therapy: This involves the administration of insulin, either through injections or insulin pumps, to regulate blood sugar levels.

  • Oral medications: Various oral medications are available to regulate blood glucose levels and manage insulin sensitivity.

  • Diabetic foot care: This includes regular monitoring, wound management, and preventive measures to avoid complications such as foot ulcers and amputations.

  • Diabetic kidney disease management: Diabetologists collaborate with nephrologists to provide comprehensive care for individuals with diabetic kidney disease.

  • Nutritional counselling: Individualised support is provided to promote healthy eating habits, manage portion control, and create tailored meal plans.

Services and Facilities Available at Apollo Hospitals in Chennai

Here are some of the services and facilities offered by Apollo Hospitals in Chennai:

  • 24/7 emergency services

  • Choice of premium rooms

  • Food and Dietary Services

  • Travel Desk

  • Tailored health checks and wellness plans

  • Surgical Packages

  • Radiation Packages

  • Corporate Packages

Advanced Technology and Equipment at Apollo Hospitals in Chennai

Apollo Hospitals in Chennai are widely recognised for their exceptional medical care, featuring state-of-the-art technology and advanced equipment. The hospital boasts cutting-edge robotic surgery systems, advanced imaging modalities like MRI and CT scanners, and top-notch cardiac care facilities. When it comes to consulting the top 10 diabetologists in Chennai, Apollo Hospitals is the ultimate destination.

Best Diabetologists in Chennai

Apollo Hospitals is renowned for its exceptional team of the top 10 diabetologists in Chennai who are at the forefront of healthcare. With years of experience and training, these skilled doctors are well-equipped to handle the complexities associated with diabetes management. They possess an in-depth understanding of the latest research findings and evidence-based approaches to ensure optimal patient outcomes.

At Apollo Hospitals in Chennai, patients can expect comprehensive consultations from the most famous diabetologists in Chennai. These specialists work closely with multidisciplinary teams comprising endocrinologists, nutritionists, nurses, and other healthcare professionals. This premier healthcare institution is your foremost destination to consult the top diabetologists in Chennai.

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