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Best Pediatrician in Indore

Paediatrics is a medical speciality that focuses on the physical, mental and emotional well-being of infants, children and adolescents. This branch of medicine encompasses a wide range of conditions such as respiratory infections, allergies, growth disorders, behavioural issues and developmental delays.

When it comes to children's healthcare, a paediatrician is the go-to specialist. Paediatricians are medical doctors who undergo extensive training and education to diagnose and treat various paediatric conditions. In Indore, there are several highly skilled paediatricians, some of the best in teeir field, who have dedicated their careers to providing top-notch care for children. They possess the expertise needed to identify potential health concerns early on and develop personalised treatment plans that cater specifically to the needs of each child.

If your child exhibits symptoms such as persistent coughing or colds, frequent infections, delayed milestones, excessive crying or irritability, and difficulty with feeding or sleeping, consulting with a paediatrician is crucial. The top paediatricians in Indore can help address these concerns promptly and ensure the overall well-being of your child.

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Dr Anagha Bhagwat


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Vijay Nagar , Indore

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Dr Nida Mirza


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Vijay Nagar , Indore

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Dr Nishith Bhargava


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Frequently Asked Questions for Pediatricians in Indore

No, pediatricians are not typically authorized to perform surgical procedures. Surgical interventions are generally performed by pediatric surgeons who have received additional training, specifically in pediatric surgery. Pediatricians primarily focus on diagnosing and treating medical conditions, providing preventive care, and coordinating with other specialists as needed.

Pediatricians can treat children from birth until their 21st birthday or beyond, providing comprehensive care for physical, behavioral, and developmental issues. Some pediatricians have general practices, while others specialize in treating specific health conditions in children.

When choosing a pediatrician, seek recommendations from trusted sources such as family, friends, and your Ob/Gyn. Consider asking for referrals on social media, but always conduct your own research. You know your preferences best when selecting a pediatrician.

Neonatologists specialize in caring for newborns, including premature babies and those with underdeveloped organs. They provide medical expertise and counseling to parents for both routine and complex aspects of newborn care.

A developmental pediatrician is a specialized pediatrician who focuses on child and adolescent behavior and development. They assess and address developmental, learning, and behavioral issues in children, considering both medical and psychosocial aspects, and provide appropriate treatment.

Developmental behavioral pediatrics is a specialty focused on children with atypical development or behavioral concerns. Pediatricians in this field evaluate children’s development, learning abilities, and behavior, identifying underlying causes and providing appropriate interventions to help them progress towards expected milestones.

A pediatric nurse is a healthcare professional who specializes in caring for children from infancy to age 18. They provide treatment and support to patients with different conditions and developmental stages, using empathy, patience, and effective communication skills. Their role is crucial for children’s health.

Pediatricians are the best doctors for girl children. They specialize in children’s health and understand their unique needs, providing proper care, guidance, and support as they grow.

Head circumference is an important measurement in pediatrics as it provides valuable information about the growth and development of a child’s brain and skull. To measure head circumference, use a non-stretchable measuring tape. Wrap it securely around the widest part of the head, including the forehead above the eyebrow, above the ears, and the back of the head. Take three measurements and choose the largest to the nearest 0.1 cm. Measure on the first day of life, as reference charts are based on measurements taken before 24 hours of age

Pediatricians perform checkups, diagnose and treat illnesses, injuries, and diseases in children. They track development, administer vaccines, prescribe medication, provide health advice, and refer to specialists when necessary. They listen to parents’ concerns and ensure the overall well-being of children.

A pediatric surgeon is a specialized doctor who performs surgeries on children, including infants and young adults. Their training and expertise make them highly skilled in providing surgical care for young patients.

Surgery and Treatment Available under Paediatrics

A wide range of medical and surgical conditions in children are treated by Paediatricians and pediatric surgeons. Some of the surgeries and treatments under paediatrics available at Apollo Hospitals in Indore include:

1. Tonsillectomy: This surgical procedure involves removing the tonsils to alleviate chronic tonsillitis or improve breathing difficulties.

2. Appendectomy: An appendectomy is performed to remove an inflamed appendix in cases of appendicitis.

3. Hernia repair: Paediatric surgeons perform hernia repairs to correct congenital or acquired hernias.

4. Corrective surgery for congenital anomalies: Paediatric surgeons specialise in correcting birth defects such as cleft lips/palates or clubfoot through surgical interventions.

Services and Facilities Available at Apollo Hospitals in Indore

  • Well-equipped paediatric wards with child-friendly environment

  • Neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) for critically ill newborns

  • Child life specialists to help ease anxiety and provide emotional support to children during medical procedures

  • Experienced paediatric nurses

  • Expert consultation services for routine check-ups and preventive care

  • 24/7 emergency services for immediate medical assistance

Advanced Technology and Equipment at Apollo Hospitals in Indore

Apollo Hospitals in Indore is equipped with state-of-the-art medical technology and equipment to deliver the highest quality care to young patients. These advanced tools aid in accurate diagnosis and precise treatments, ensuring better outcomes for children. With cutting-edge imaging techniques, minimally invasive surgical options and specialised monitoring systems, Apollo Hospitals remains at the forefront of paediatric healthcare in Indore.

Best Paediatricians in Indore

When it comes to your child’s health, you deserve nothing but the best care possible. The best paediatric doctors in Indore are equipped with extensive knowledge and expertise to provide exceptional care for your little ones. These specialists have honed their skills through years of practice, making them adept at diagnosing complex conditions and tailoring treatment plans that promote optimal growth and development.

Choosing a specialist with a deep understanding of paediatrics ensures that your child receives comprehensive care for all their unique needs. With its range of services, advanced technology and highly skilled paediatric experts, Apollo Hospitals in Indore is dedicated to providing exceptional paediatric care. Visit Apollo Hospitals today for all your child’s medical needs.

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