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Best Limb Lengthening Doctors in Nashik

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Frequently Asked Questions for Limb Lengthening in Nashik

It can be uncomfortable during recovery, but pain management techniques such as medications and physical therapy help. The surgeon tailors pain management to individual needs.

Complications can include infection, nerve damage, blood vessel injury, delayed healing, and joint stiffness. However, risks are relatively low when performed by experienced orthopaedic surgeons in specialized centers.

Yes, scars result from limb lengthening surgery, but their visibility varies based on surgical techniques and individual healing. Surgeons usually make incisions in less noticeable areas and use scar management techniques to minimize visibility.

Generally, limb lengthening surgery aims to improve symmetry by correcting discrepancies. Realistic expectations and discussions with the surgeon are crucial. Additional procedures may be needed for balance and symmetry.

It’s typically performed after skeletal maturity (around 18 for most), but timing varies depending on the condition. Consultation with a specialist determines the appropriate age for surgery.

Eligibility depends on factors like age, overall health, bone quality, and the specific condition. An orthopaedic surgeon’s examination is essential to determine candidacy.

The gain varies, but an average of 2-5 centimetres is achievable. Results may differ based on individual factors.

Preoperative evaluations, tests, medical history reviews, and discussions with the surgeon are part of the preparation. Patients should follow the surgeon’s preoperative instructions, including fasting before surgery.

Post-procedure care includes regular follow-up appointments, physical therapy, pain management, and proper nutrition.

The duration of the surgery varies but typically takes around 2-3 hours.

Success rates vary based on factors like the patient’s health and condition. Consultation with a specialist is essential for determining individual success rates.

Recovery time depends on healing and the extent of the procedure. Bone consolidation typically takes 3-6 months, but complete recovery can take a year or more.

Orthopaedic surgeons specializing in limb reconstruction and deformity correction typically perform limb lengthening surgeries due to their expertise in the field.

There are two main types: internal (using an implant) and external (using an external fixator device).

Limb lengthening surgery increases the length of a limb by cutting the bone and gradually separating the ends with a device to allow new bone formation. It’s used to manage conditions like limb length discrepancies and dwarfism.

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