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Best Hydronephrosis Doctors in Indore

Hydronephrosis is a medical condition where one or both kidneys swell due to the accumulation of urine. This happens when the urine fails to properly drain out from the kidneys into the bladder due to a blockage or obstruction in the urinary tract, leading to a build-up of urine and subsequent pressure on the kidneys, potentially causing kidney damage. The blockage in the urinary tract could be due to various conditions such as kidney stones, an enlarged prostate, nerve or muscle problems affecting the urinary tract, tumours, and vesicoureteral reflux.

Hydronephrosis is not an unusual medical condition in Indore. Fortunately, the city has some of the best doctors for hydronephrosis treatment who are adept at managing this condition. At Apollo Hospitals in Indore, patients can access world-class medical facilities and some of the best doctors for urinary obstruction treatment.

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Dr Saurabh Chipde

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