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Heart Transplant

Apollo Hospitals Heart Transplant Treatment

Apollo Health City is one of the best & top hospitals for all Heart transplant procedures in Hyderabad. We offer world-class facilities and comprehensive transplantation programs. A combination of advanced technologies and experienced medical personnel make it the best place for heart transplants in Hyderabad.

Our Milestones:
Apollo Hospital’s transplant program is the top & best program in the world performing successful transplants. Some key figures for reference

The Apollo Hospitals Hyderabad center has performed angioplasty and stenting using drug-eluting cypher stent in 2002, Trans Radial Angioplasty and stenting in 1994 in the Asia Pacific, Trans-Ulnar Angiogram and Angioplasty in the world in 2005 (with the largest number of cases till date) & developing Mitral Commissurotome.

About Our Heart Transplant Doctors:

We have renowned and eminent medical professionals who have vast experience in dealing with critical cases. You can directly or virtually consult a doctor by book a doctor appointment thru our online platform Ask Apollo.

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