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Centre for Hand, Wrist & Microsurgery

1. Basic Hand and Trauma Services:

Hand is the most commonly injured part in the body, in our dad to day activities like cooking, gardening and complex injuries can be present in Road traffic accidents. Hand injuries should be treated by specialists that are specially trained for Hand Surgeon to get far superior outcomes.

2. Complex Hand and Limb Trauma:

Hand and Upper limb take a role as a protective barrier against injuries to protect our head against injuries. As much as 40% of injuries happen in Industries and road traffic accidents , happen to hands, leading to traumatic amputations, crushed and mangles extremities, complex nerve, tendon, bone and skin loss which needs microsurgical procedures for reconstruction.

3. Brachial Plexus Surgeries:

Post traumatic Brachial Plexus injuries in adults as well as birth Brachial Plexus injuries in children cause significant loss of quality life. Unless timely examination and intervention are not done by an experienced and trained Brachial Plexus surgeon, the outcomes can be poor. Apart from surgeries, these patients need significant psychological support and extensive therapy in the form of Physio, occupational and rehabilitative therapies, all of which are available under one roof in our hospital.

4. Replantation Surgeries:

Replantation surgery belongs to most advanced era of modern surgery. Amputated body parts can be joined back with the advent of Reconstructive Microsurgery leading to salvage of severed hands and legs. The imagination, hard work, skill and dexterity of Microsurgeons have opened up endless possibilities to the patient.

5. Wrist Arthroscopy:

Wrist joint provides a mobile and stable platform to the hand to carry out wide range of movements. It is no wonder that wrist is one of the most complex joints in the body consisting of 8 bones, 26 ligaments and 24 tendons, all of them causing more than 100 disorders. We offer “key-hole surgeries” for wrist for a faster and painless recovery using latest equipment.

6. Congenital Hand Differences:

Congenital Hand Differences refers to any abnormal condition of Hand and Limb, that is present at birth. Children born with hand differences have a great impact on appearance and function of the hand. Having a hand difference can be both physically and emotionally challenging, to children as well as parents. These children need Physical therapy, timely surgery and other treatment options to function better and be more independent.

7. Nerve and Tendon Repair and reconstructions:

Complex nerve and Tendon injuries, usually seen in sharp cutting or slicing injuries, commonly seen in household or industrial injuries can be catastrophic to the patients if not managed appropriately. Early presentations can be managed by direct repairs whereas late presentations may need nerve or tendon grafting to fill the void and gain satisfactory functional outcomes. Various peripheral nerve palsies can also be reconstructed by nerve/tendon procedures.

8. Spastic hand:

Function of the hand can be significantly altered in children with Cerebral palsy or other spastic disorders. Similarly adults suffering with post stroke paralysis also suffer with significant lack of hand function. Such patients can be benefitted by minor tendon/muscle balancing procedures or tendon transfers to achieve functional activity of hand so that the patients can do their self-care activities independently.

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