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Tumor Board

Cinque Terre

Apollo Tumor Board in Hyderabad

Apollo Tumor Board is a group of eminent Radiation, Medical and Surgical Oncologists, diagnosticians and other specialists. Together they concur on an accurate diagnosis and evolve the best unbiased scientific option for every patient even for the most baffling cases.

Cinque Terre

Every patient gets only the very best and personal treatment plan from Tumor Board. Individual bias is ruled out by this team effort.

  • Chairman Tumor Board Dr. S.S. Reddy
  • Radiation Oncology Dr. Vijay Anand P. Reddy, Dr.Prashant Upadhyay,
  • Medical Oncology Dr. S.V.S.S. Prasad,
  • Haemato oncologist Dr.Padmaja Lokireddy
  • Surgical Oncology Dr. T.P.S. Bhandari, Dr.Chinna Babu
  • Head & Neck Oncology Dr. Umanath K. Nayak, Dr.Arsheed Hakeem, Dr.Rahul.B
  • Tumor Pathology Dr. G. Swarnalatha, Dr. Meenakshi Swain, Dr. Michelle D. Padua, Dr. Tejal Mody
  • Tumor Radiology Dr. Sreekanth P. Dakaraju, Dr. Sharada Joshi, Dr. Shalini Reddy, Dr. Balaji Patel
  • PET-CT Specialists Dr. Jyotsna Rao
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