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Our Program

Apollo Organ Transplant Program in Hyderabad

We always move ahead with the latest advancements in medical sciences and technologies. The Apollo Transplant Institutes (ATI) is a unique hub for services like peritoneal and hemodialysis, management of liver disease, management of kidney disease, liver and kidney transplantation, heart transplantation, corneal transplantation, gastroenterology, endoscopic procedures, GI surgery, pediatric gastroenterology and pediatric transplant services in Hyderabad.

Our services are a fine combination of high-end equipment and world-class infrastructure. We have a pool of internationally acclaimed organ transplant surgeons in Hyderabad, nephrologists, gastroenterologists, pediatric gastroenterologists, pediatric surgeons, anesthetists, intensivists and physicians.

With 91% success rate, we always make it a point to fulfil the hopes of our patients from across the world. What we always glad to see is a smile of satisfaction from our patients. We can proudly say that our patients smile when they go back to normal life.

Our Milestones:

Apollo transplant program is the busiest program in the world performing many successful transplants.

  • 1400 Successful Liver transplants in Hyderabad
  • 1200 Successful Heart Transplants in Hyderabad
  • 1002 Successful Corneal Transplants in Hyderabad
  • 900 Successful Pancreas Transplants in Hyderabad
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