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General Surgery

The dept. of General Surgery is manned by Senior Consultant Surgeons, who are highly qualified and well trained in India and abroad and they are well supported by resident doctors and registrars to take care of the admitted patients in the hospital. The service of a general surgeon is available round-the-clock, to attend any surgical emergency in the hospital.

The department takes care of all surgical emergencies in particular, abdominal trauma and all emergency surgical problems.

The department of general surgery is recognised for training P.G. students (DNB) in surgery by the national board. For this purpose regular teaching programmes, case discussions, seminars, symposia are conducted regularly. One of the consultant general surgeons is selected as an examiner for the DNB examination by the national board.

Founded in 1988 along with the inception of the Hospital Growth / Key milestones

  • All the surgical emergencies including trauma cases are attended by Surgical Dept
  • Operated over 20,000 cases so far
  • Almost all Cases of Surgery and Surgical Gastroenterology come under General Surgery

Key Specialties

The department is very much a Centre of excellence for thyroidectomy.

  • Recurrent hernioryaphy
  • Lesser Haemarroidectomies
  • Recurrent Fistula High & Low
  • All Emergency, Surgical procedures / trauma cases
  • Diabetic ulcers and their management

Expertise and wide experience of surgeons All emergency and elective surgical procedures of high standard with less chances of recurrence / Speed of surgery.

  • International expertise of doctors
  • All medical specialities are available under one roof
  • Excellent diagnostic and support service
  • High standards of treatment and care
  • Proven track record

The following are the challenging and rare cases operated by the department:

  • Necrotizing facialitis
  • Bowel fistulas
  • Recurrent problems of insitional hernias
  • Acute trauma with splenic and Liver Injuries
  • Bullet wounds
  • Sceptic shock &
  • A variety of post laparotomy complications

Overview and examples of some of the innovations undertaken by the department

  • Laser haemorrhoidectomy by harmonic scalpel as a daycare procedure – earlier it required 3-4 days stay in the hospital
  • Variety of hernia repair procedures as an outpatient procedure
  • APR with staplers without any postoperative complication
  • Variety of thyroid surgeries with a minimum stay

Support Services

  • Good Counselling
  • Pre-operative and post-operative briefing
  • Diet advice
  • Post OP Physiotherapy advice

Surgical Treatments Offered by the Department

  • Laser haemorrhoidectomy
  • Variety of hernia repair procedures.
  • APR with staplers
  • Variety of thyroid surgeries.
  • Recurrent herniography
  • Recurrent Fistula -minor
  • All Emergency Surgical procedures/trauma cases like bullet and stab injuries
  • Management of Diabetic ulcers & Gangrene cases
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