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Nuclear Medicine

The Department of Nuclear Medicine Started in the year 1992 with a single head planar Gamma Camera, In 2001 it was updated it to single head SPECT Gamma Camera.With this update the work load almost doubled

The Department of Nuclear Medicine is equipped with state-of-the-art Gamma Camera, offering a wide range of non-invasive diagnostic facilities with short half-life ISOTOPE 99 mm.

  • Bone Scan
  • Hepatobiliary Scan
  • Renogram (DTPR & DMSA)
  • Thyroid Scan
  • Isotope Venogram
  • Muga Scan for LVEF
  • GI Bleed Scan
  • Meckel’s Scan
  • Ventilation-Perfusion Scan
  • Liver-Spleen Scan

This department also provides SPECT Imaging which is useful in Cardiology, Neurology, Endocrinology, Gastroenterology, Pulmonology, Orthopaedics and Nephrology.


  • Myocardial Perfusion Spect (Stress Thallium)
  • Exercise Stress
  • Pharmacologic Stress (Adenosine/Doutamine)
  • Myocardial Viability Scan
  • Captoril Renogram to rule out RAS
  • MUGA Scan for LVEF


  • Brain Spect
  • Tumar Imaging
  • WBC labelled Scan (Done in only a handful centres in the country)


  • Thyroid Scan
  • Parathyroid Scan
  • 13 II Whole Body Scan
  • 13 II Low Dose Therapy for Thyrotoxicosis


  • Liver Spleen Colloid Scan
  • Hepatobiliary Scan for GB Function
  • Meckel’s Diverticulum Scan
  • Oesophageal Transit Studies
  • Gastric Emptying oGI Bleed Scan
  • Hemangioma Scan


  • Ventilation Perfusion Scan (only in Apollo)


  • Bone Scan oInfection Imaging with 67 gallium / 99 mm Tc WBC Scan (only in Apollo)
  • 32 P/ 89 Sr Therapy for Bone Pain Palliation


  • DTPA Renogram-Diuretic & Captopril
  • Transplant Evaluation
  • VU Reflux Scan
  • EC Scan


  • Scintimammography
  • RN Hysterosalpingogram
  • RN Venogram
  • 131 I MIBG Scan
  • Gallium Scan
  • Lymphoscintigraphy

The facilities are all monitored by licenced and well experienced Physicians assisted by a team of junior doctors and technicians.


WBC infection imaging for orthopedic hand wave, Radionuclide HSG, Lymphoscintigraphy

First and the only centre in Hyderabad City doing WBC
Only department doing RNHSG, Scintirnammography U/M phoscintigraphy and whole body PET-CT Scan

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