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Haemato Oncology

Haemato Oncology Treatment in Hyderabad

The department of Haemato oncology looks after all the disease of blood and Lymphatics. We cover Benign Haematology, Malignant Haematology, Bleeding and thrombosis problems along with Bone marrow Transplantation.

We work alongside Medical, Radiation and surgical oncologists and share the infrastructure whose primary focus is solid tumours like breast, colon, Lung etc.

We provide world-class care mainly following UK based treatment approach and you will be provided with a clinical letter addressing the issues discussed regarding Management plan.

Our Oncology department has six bedded dedicated Transplant unit on level 5 with spacious rooms which are microbiologically tested regularly and all are HEPA filtered. We have dedicated Leukemia ward and Neutropenic ward, general ward and Chemotherapy day case area with good nurse-patient ratio.

We have well established multidisciplinary Transplant team with trained nurses providing one to one care, on-site aphaeresis machine, stem cell storage facility, Transplant Immunology lab with the excellent support of transfusion lab along with world-class qualified Transplant Consultants.

Our specialist has knowledge in laboratory medicine as well, along with clinical care provides a unique opportunity to combine clinical skills with cutting edge science in making the diagnosis and choosing appropriate treatment plan and monitor progress in world-class standards.

We frequently contribute to diagnosis and management in other specialities and in intensive care setting as blood disorders can present in various forms and at times the diagnosis can be very difficult.

Treatment of blood cancers depends on the particular type and can vary considerably from patient to patient.

We would risk stratifying cancer at the time of diagnosis to understand how the disease will behave in the long term which can influence the treatment plan.

The treatment majority of the times are chemotherapy, rarely combined with Radiotherapy. There is a limited role for surgery in Haematological Malignancies.

Many of our patients are surprised to hear in some cases treatment may not need to be started immediately. This is referred to as “watchful waiting “who needs periodic follow-up and the need for treatment can be in years.

Consultant Team

Dr. Padmaja Lokireddy

Dr. Padmaja Lokireddy

MBBS, MD (Internal Medicine), MRCP, FRCPath (Haematology) CCT
Haemato Oncologist
Apollo Hospitals, Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad, India
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