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Emergencies in Ent

Emergencies in Ent


Foreign body, Otitis media, acute mastoiditis, otitis externa, temporal bone fracture, facial nerve palsy, sudden sensory neural hearing loss, vertigo/giddiness


Foreign body, Epistaxis, septal haematoma, fractures, orbital haematoma, orbital cellulitis, loss of smell


Foreign body, acute tonsillitis, Quinsy, breathing difficulty, allergic reaction to food.

  • Foreign bodies in Ear: Foreign bodies in the ear can comprise both animate and inanimate structures. It includes commonly used earbuds (cotton of earbuds), broken sticks, tiny objects used by children to play (thermocol, crayon, pencil lead), insects, ants.
  • Acute ear pain (Acute otitis media): Sudden and severe ear pain due to excessive cold/ nasal block, post-travel by flight (Change in altitude)
  • Road traffic accident (Traumatic injuries) sustaining injuries to head and face, bleeding from Ear/ nose/ oral cavity.
  • Sudden hearing loss: Sudden hearing loss is a medical emergency. Sudden loss of hearing sometimes in addition with ringing sensation in-ear and giddiness needs to be attended within the first 24hrs.
  • Swelling of the outer ear and swelling around the ear. People with diabetes mellitus should be more careful with such conditions. Malignant otitis externa is one such condition which has to be treated on an emergency basis to prevent dreaded complications. Conditions such as perichondrial hematoma, acute mastoiditis can present with such complaints.
  • Sudden onset of facial weakness on one side of the face (One such condition can be Bell’s plasy)
  • Severe giddiness
  • Post Ear surgeries: Ear Surgeries: Swelling around-ear, facial weakness, sudden onset giddiness and vomiting, loss of hearing
  • Foreign bodies in Nose: Nose foreign bodies mostly encompass inanimate items. Pearl, beads, nuts, thermacol, button batteries. Button batteries should be removed on an emergency basis, as it can lead to the slow destruction of midline nasal bone.
  • Bleeding from Nose: Due to self-inflicted injuries, fall, road traffic accidents
  • Fractures over the face, involving nose/mid-face, jaw bone
  • Nasal block/ cold with Eye swelling, change in vision and pain: Untreated and fulminant sinus infection can lead to eye swelling and blurring of vision.
  • Nasal swelling: Midline nasal swelling causing nasal block and breathing difficulties
  • Sudden loss of smell and taste
  • Post Nasal Surgeries: Excessive bleeding from nose/mouth, eye swelling/decrease in vision, eye pain.
  • Aerodigestive tract foreign bodies: Foreign bodies that are stuck in throat mostly common include: Fish/ chicken/mutton bone, pins, and food packing foils.
  • Difficulty and noisy breathing: Stridor.
  • Swelling of the neck/lower jaw.
  • Allergy due to food/ insect bite/ new environment: Most commonly seen after seafood consumption, food prepared with nuts. Presenting complaints can include itching/rash over skin, tongue and lip swelling, difficulty in breathing.
  • Neck swellings with painful swallowing/ breathing difficulty, fever ( Acute tonsillitis, Peri-tonsillar abscess, Epiglottitis, croup, Ludwig angina)
  • Post-Adenotonsillectomy/ Tonsillectomy surgery bleeding from the mouth.

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