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Cardiac Electrophysiology : Scope & Spectrum of Services

Electrophysiology Study (EPS) and radio-frequency ablation (RFA) for various heart rhythm diseases which can manifest with blackout episodes, loss of consciousness, palpitations, shortness of breath,
fatigue etc.

Implantable cardiac electric devices for rhythm disorders like pacemakers for slow heart rates, ICD (for sudden cardiac arrest)

Cardiac resynchronization therapy (CRT P and CRT D) for suitable patients with poor heart
function/heart failure

State of art pacemakers – cardiac conduction system pacing.

Medical management of various cardiac muscle diseases (cardiomyopathies)

Electrophysiology is a highly specialized field of cardiology that deals with rhythm and rate related abnormalities of the heart. The heart has its own spontaneous rhythm and beats regularly at about 60 to 80 times per minute at rest. It increases appropriately with exertion and emotions such as anger and excitement and decreases naturally during sleep. This rhythm results from a regular synchronous electrical activity within the heart and any disturbance in it, for instance, inappropriately fast or slow heart rate or irregular rhythm is called cardiac arrhythmia.

Patients with cardiac arrhythmias have varied complaints. Common ones being abrupt palpitations, lightheadedness or head reeling leading to falls, loss of consciousness, choking sensation, extreme fatigue and even sudden cardiac arrest. Some arrhythmias may be potentially fatal but most often they cause significant symptoms without having to be life-threatening consequences. Rhythm disorders can also cause cardiac pump dysfunction and heart failure if persistent for a long time. Patients with irregular rhythms run the risk of suffering strokes or paralysis attacks. Cardiac arrhythmias are poorly tolerated by patients with pre-existing heart dysfunction (eg. patients with previous heart attacks). Early medical attention should be sought in such cases.

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Dr. Soumen Devidutta

Dr. Soumen Devidutta

MD. DM (Cardiology, AIIMS) PDF in Electrophysiology and pacing PDF in Interventional cardiology
Cardiologist & Electrophysiologist
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