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Excimer Laser Treatment has brought more accuracy to corneal surgery and vision correction than ever before. One pulse of the excimer laser removes 0.25 microns of tissue. This exquisite precision in tissue removal helps in reshaping the corneal contour and correction of different refractive errors. This excimer laser has been in use for the correction of different refractive errors all over the world since 1987 and has been proven to be safe and effective for the treatment of refractive errors.

Spot Scanning Lasers: These systems have the potential to produce the smoothest ablations and use radar technology to track the eye’s movement during treatment. They also have the potential to treat irregular astigmatism and link to topography.

The Allegretto Wave Eye-Q Excimer Laser System

The eye clinic at Apollo Hospital is now equipped with the Allegretto Wave Eye – Q Excimer laser system. This advanced new-generation laser system has a scanning laser spot of 0.95 mm diameter along with active eye-tracking system (tracks the eye movements 400 times per second). This small laser spot size along with 400Hz repetition rate is essential to create fine corneal curvature following laser ablation. This laser is capable of performing both the wavefront-guided and topography-guided ablation for customized treatment.

  • Carl-Zeiss Operating Microscope
  • Lasik Laser
  • Lacrimal Apparatus
  • Yag Laser
  • Occular Topograph
  • Coherent Argon Laser Topcon Fundus Camera
  • A-scan Biometer
  • 3mm Auto Refractometer
  • Canon Wall mount Welch Allyn Ophthalmoscope
  • Retinoscope Carl
  • Zena KPM Perimeter Keratometer
  • Shin Nippon Indirect Ophthalmoscope
  • Visual Field Analyser
  • Hiene Contact lens service
  • FEMTO LDV Z8 from Ziemer
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