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Apollo Emergency Services in Hyderabad

The Apollo Emergency services in Hyderabad has a network of world class emergency rooms located at Jubilee Hills, Hyderguda, Vikrampuri, Secunderabad, Mehdipatnam, Kukatpally and DRDO. The department is led by the best emergency doctors in India and manned by specially trained accident and trauma teams which are in a state of preparedness for delivering 24-hour emergency services.

A medical emergency is defined as a situation that occurs without a warning and the involved individual is in a life and death situation. Apollo Hospitals in Hyderabad, today has the nation’s first pre-hospital emergency network consisting of 12 fully-equipped ambulances manned by trained personnel. The Hospital-On-Wheels are well connected by a dedicated wireless system ensuring immediate access in an emergency.

The department of Apollo Emergency Services in Hyderabad also undertakes various academic programs, which are in collaboration with Royal College of General Practitioners, United Kingdom, and include

  • Fellowship of Emergency Medicine
  • Fellowship in Family Medicine
  • Diploma in Family Medicine
  • Diploma in Family Medicine (On Line and Contact program)

The department also conducts a 3-year program for emergency paramedics.

Emergency care services in India are still not accessible by people living in remote places. The Air Ambulance Services being offered by Apollo Hospitals in Hyderabad helps reach out to patients who are in a critical condition but cannot reach the hospital on time. Apollo Hospital in Hyderabad is also equipped with a landing facility.

To make the best use of the Golden Hour the Apollo Emergency Services team have identified a factor that could bring down response time considerably – The Life Savers training program which is based on the first responders concept being followed in United States of America. The Life-Saver Club members will be trained in basic life support and First-aid and the club takes up various health and community related programs.

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