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Diagnostic Tests

Tests to Detect Kidney Disease/Failure

When you contact nephrologists for any of the above-mentioned symptoms, the Doctor might recommend one or more of the following tests to detect kidney problems.

Common tests: 

Urine examination:

 For proteinuria (Albuminoidal) Real blood cells or pus cell and casts.

Urine For Culture And Sensitivity

 For infection

Blood Urea Nitrogen (Bun)

 This is a waste product produced from protein metabolism.

Serum Creatinine

 This is produced from muscle metabolism.

Complete Blood Count (CBC)

 Generally blood count (Hemoglobin) level falls with the onset of kidney failure.

Plain X-Ray Abdomen (Kub) 

 Generally gives information about kidney stones.

Ultrasonography (Usg)

 This is one of the non-invasive tests. It gives information to doctors about kidneys, tumors or even whether kidney disease is of long-standing duration or not. Unfortunately, it does not tell anything about kidney function.

Intravenous Pyelography (Ivp Or Ivu)

 This involves giving an injection of iodinated dye in vein followed by kidney x-rays. It gives valuable information about kidney function, size etc. It is an invasive test. At times the patient can get a reaction (rarely fatal) with dye. It is not done if kidney function is already compromised greatly with creatine greater than 3 to 4 mg/dl.1

Renal Scan (Nuclear)

 it gives you information about kidney size and function also. Sensitively is decreased in renal failure.

CT Scan Kidney

 This is occasionally done when tumor is suspected. This is commonly used.

Kidney Biopsy

 This involves the removal of a tiny piece of kidney tissue for microscopic examination of the kidney. This guides the doctors about the cause and treatment if any.

Special Tests

  • Creatine Clearance Tests: To determine the exact percentage of kidney function.
  • Quantification proteinuria: Urine is collected to see how much protein is lost in 24 hrs.
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