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Neuro Diagnostics

Neuro Imaging:

  • 64 slice Spiral CT, CT angiogram
  • MRI, MR angiography, MR spectroscopy, Functional MRI
  • SPECT and nuclear scanning
  • PET scan
  • Digital substraction angiography
  • Myelography
  • Carotid and intra cranial Doppler

Neuro Electrophysiology:

Nerve conduction studies

  • Needle and surface Electromyography
  • Repetitive nerve stimulation tests
  • Single fiber EMG
  • Tremorogram
  • SSEP
  • Flash and Pattern reversal VEP
  • BAER
  • Blink reflex study

Neuro Cardiology:

  • Tilt table test

Neuro Biochemistry:

  • Therapeutic antiepileptic drug level monitoring

Neuro Pathology:

  • Brain , Muscle, Nerve, Biopsy

Neuro Microbiology:

  • Viral Study
  • PCR Study
  • ELISA testing

Neuro Genetics:

  • Chromosomal analysis with genetic institute
  • Genetic finger printing in collaboration with CCMB

Neuro Cardiology:

  • Syncope Clinic
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