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Rehabilitation & Physiotherapy

Patients with paralysis, stroke, trauma, cancer, heart disease, surgery etc. can be left with some form of disability, which can be in the form of physical, psychological, or social disability. A structured multi-disciplinary approach can help such patients get back to normal. This center offers support to such patients by maximizing the ability of the person to function optimally within the limitations placed upon them by a disease process.

Physiotherapy involves the maintenance and rehabilitation of the individual’s physical activity in order to bring back the lost activity to near normal perfection. Rehabilitation of sensory and cognitive function typically involves methods for retraining neural pathways or training new neural pathways to regain or improve neurocognitive functioning that has been diminished by disease or traumatic injury.

Physical therapy is concerned with identifying and maximizing quality of life and movement potential within the spheres of promotion, prevention, treatment/intervention, habilitation and rehabilitation.

This encompasses physical, psychological, emotional, and social well-being. Physical therapy involves the interaction between physical therapist (PT), patients/clients, other health professionals, families, caregivers, and communities in a process where movement potential is assessed and goals are agreed upon, using knowledge and skills unique to physical therapists.

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