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Transplant Immunology

Transplant Programmes such as renal transplant, bone marrow transplant and cardiac transplant can be carried out only after tissue compatibility testing, which is known as HLA typing and cross-matching.

The department of Transplant Immunology is one of the few labs in the whole of India where HLA testing is done and is the only lab that is catering to all the hospitals involved in transplant programmes since our services are prompt and precise.

Apart from HLA typing cross-matching, we also do tests that help in the diagnosis of autoimmune disorders. where we apply ELISA, Immunoblot

& Immunofluorescence techniques.

We perform the following investigations in this lab. Please click the individual tests to know further information.

The equipment that we have been

  • Cold Centrifuge
  • 40-degree Freezer
  • Nikon Phase Contrast Microscope
  • Sirio S Elisa Reader
  • IF microscope
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