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The Blood Bank forms a very pivotal department in any Hospital and extends great help and strength to the Surgical and Trauma departments. It is this department which often acts as an life saver for many a patients, usually requiring post RTA surgeries, patients suffering with Thalassemia, patients requiring blood transfusions, etc.

Key Milestones of this department are

  • Full-fledged, Licensed Blood bank with Component and Pherisis Lab since 1987
  • HLA lab since 1993
  • First to start HCV testing in India from 1995.
  • Red Cell Serology by Gel Column Technology from 2002.
  • ELISA screening for Transfusion Transmitted Diseases (TTD) has been upgraded since 2002 to CHEMILUMINISESENCE technique.
  • Peripheral Stem Cell Collection ,preservation and BMT transfusion support since 2003.
  • Supply of Leuko depleted and irradiated blood and blood products since 2003.

Blood Bank tops the list for rate and quality Blood and Blood prompts. Prompt and friendly service, 24 hrs of the day, made possible by a team of knowledgeable and committed staff.

key Specialties

  • Referral centre for analysis of any blood group discrepancies
  • Referral centre for external Quality Check, HIV/HbsAg screening
  • First in AP to start pre-Operative Haemodilution Autologous Blood transfusion, which is now routinely practiced for all cardiac surgeries.
  • Reliable testing of blood for Transfusion Transmitted Diseases with meticulous Quality Assurance + Quality Control.
  • In-Depth knowledge to clarify blood group discrepancies.
  • Only centre to supply components during the night.
  • 24 hrs pheresis. ( Platelet concentrate ) available
  • Knowledge bank for Blood Bank services and processes, where a lot of other Blood Banks in the city seek help and guidance.
  • Sensitive cross – marching procedure using Gel-Column Technology

All requests for emergency massive or rare blood group transfusion is met successfully. Thalassaemic children come to us because it is safe. Despite the availability of free blood elsewhere our HLA lab is used as a referral centre by other hospitals the Andhra Pradesh Government.

And Universities, students are sent to us for training. Samples to establish blood relationship are referred by the government

  • Reliable & Prompt Result
  • Reputation of medical Paramedical fraternity
  • Availability of all related specialities under one roof.
  • 24 hour coverage
  • Empathizing attitude of the staff
  • International expertise of doctors
  • All medical specialties are available under one roof
  • Excellent diagnostic and support service
  • High standards of treatment and care
  • Proven track record in supplying safe and effective blood and blood products observing highest standards
  • Supply of rare and Negative Blood Groups
  • Management of Critical cases – we cater to all emergency / trauma cases – Fresh Blood Transfusions
  • Consistent rapport and attention to all patients and Patient attendants round the clock
  • Exemplary crisis management


  • Blood grouping & Rh typing is done using full panel of antisera by forward and reverse technique
  • Screening by ELPSA technique using automated systems (reporting in one hour)
  • Cross matching for multiple blood units was done by checker board technique with saline, Enzyme & Coombs cross – march
  • Anti HCV receiving was made compulsory at our centre even before it was declared mandatory by the DCGI
  • Plasma pheresis by manual and automated techniques was made available
  • Platelet concentrates by pheresis using cell separator was made available
  • Detection confirmation of Bombay Phenotypes and other Blood group variants
  • Emergency screening made available
  • Washed RBC made available for thalassaemics with transfusion facility
  • HLA typing & Cross matching available for transplant cases with a novel and legal reporting format
  • Training centre for technicians and doctors
  • We can proudly boast of 24 hrs of service with the use of 3 cell separators, today.
  • The first to have HLA services as a part of Blood Bank.
  • HIV/HbsAg Screening using automated analysers since 1987.
  • First to start HCV testing in India from 1995.
  • ELISA screening for Transfusion Transmitted Diseases (TTD) has been upgraded since 2002 to CHEMILUMINISESENCE technique.
  • Only Blood Bank in AP where blood screening is available round the clock (Critical for Trauma cases/ Cases requiring massive Transfusion of fresh blood)
  • First in AP to use Cell separator right from the year 1987.
  • Supply of Components was started in the year 1987 and until recently, apart from NIMS we were the only blood bank to manufacture and supply components in Hyderabad and to other neighbouring districts/towns.
  • The only Blood Bank in AP with know how to carry out stem cell preparation and storage and capacity to support BMT Patients

Support Services

Counselling / empathesing with the attendants / HIV detection / carriers – patient counseling.

Research and Training Initiatives

  • Accorded permission by AP government for training technicians for the Govt DMLT & blood bank technology course.
  • Few technicians had undergone training and orientation in Institute of Immuno – Heamotology ( ICMR ), KM hospital, Mumbai.
  • All the technicians have been accorded seats in the ongoing technician training course, which will allow them to sit for Government Examination.


  • Blood Bank as part of the hospital has ISO accreditation
  • Blood Bank is licensed by Drug controller – AP and India

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