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Apollo BP Clinics

Hypertension (high blood pressure) is a major risk factor for considerable disease, disability and death at a young age. In India, hypertension affects approximately 34 % patients in urban areas and 27% of adults in rural areas. According to the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India, it is estimated that 89-90 million adults in India have chronic hypertension. Unfortunately, less than 20% patients with hypertension have well controlled blood pressure. This is an extremely dangerous trend and has to be curtailed by early diagnosis and aggressive management.

Apollo BP Clinics

The Apollo Group has taken the initiative and started BP Clinics for early diagnosis, screening and
treatment of hypertension. The principal mission of Apollo BP Clinics is to reduce the disease burden of
society – by detecting hypertension early and recommending proper treatment options for the patients.
Our goal is to achieve normal blood pressure in every patient who is diagnosed with hypertension. To
implement this Apollo BP Clinics have embarked on a multi-pronged approach:

  • Every Apollo BP Clinic will have a team of hypertension experts specializing high blood pressure
    treatment with a focus on optimal control of blood pressure. Our experts are known world over
    for their work and specialization in hypertension. Apollo BP Clinics will provide a comprehensive
    programme for proper diagnosis and treatment of blood pressure problems in the community.
  • Apollo BP Clinics will introduce 24 hour ambulatory blood pressure monitoring (24 hr. ABPM)
    which is the ‘Gold Standard’ for blood pressure measurement, in general practice to accurately
    diagnose, control and follow up patients with hypertension.
  • Patient education to adopt a healthy lifestyle (diet, exercise, Yoga etc.), adherence to
    medication regimen and counselling to encourage home blood pressure monitoring with followup will be essential component of the program.

Capabilities of Apollo BP Clinics

  • Accurate measurement of BP by trained personnel
  • 24 hour ambulatory BP measurement (24 hr. ABPM)
  • Investigations for BP (blood tests, ECG, 2D echo)
  • Special and advanced testing for patients with complex, difficult to treat and resistant hypertension.

The Apollo BP Clinics programme is one of its kind and is the first comprehensive institutional set-up in India to provide expert care to individuals affected by high blood pressure.

Most Patients with hypertension do not have any identified cause for their high blood pressure (Primary or Essential hypertension). Some patients have an underlying reason to develop high blood pressure
(Secondary hypertension) which requires special investigations and work-up.

High Blood Pressure generally causes no symptoms and is called a “silent killer”. The only way to know if you have hypertension is by checking your blood pressure accurately. Uncontrolled hypertension has to be treated otherwise it can result in damage to the essential organs including the heart, brain and

Hypertension can be controlled by adopting a healthy lifestyle and by modern medicines which have been shown to prevent complications. Everyone with hypertension should be treated with the aim to
make BP completely normal.

Apollo BP Clinics provide a multidisciplinary approach to optimise and control blood pressure to ensurea healthy long and productive life.

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