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Apollo Heart Institute

Set up in 1988, Apollo Hospitals Hyderabad is the first and oldest Private Hospital Group in AP-Telangana, offering Super Specialty clinical care at international standards.  Apollo Heart Institute is our dedicated team of doctors and medical staff that leads the region’s most comprehensive cardiac offering, including diagnosis and preventive care, emergency care, and in-patient and post-op care.  We have led the way in nearly every sub-specialisation, including interventional cardiology, cardiac surgery, structural heart interventions, pediatric surgery, electrophysiology, robotic surgery, robotic cardiology and heart transplants.


  • Over 1.5 lakh cardiac procedures and surgeries performed
  • Over 25,000 coronary bypass surgeries done, highest in AP Telangana
  • Over 99% success rate in cardiac surgery
  • 1st to perform Robot-assisted Cardiac Surgery in AP Telangana
  • 1st to perform Robot-assisted Angioplasty in AP Telangana
  • The highest number of TAVI procedures in AP Telangana (100+)
  • 1st to perform MitraClip procedure in AP Telangana
  • Leader in Minimally Invasive Cardiac Surgery in AP Telangana (1300+)
  • Introduced Mitral dilatation using metallic commissurotome to the world
  • 1st to perform Trans-radial angioplasty in Asia-Pacific – featured in Limca Book of Records
  • 1st in India to perform OCT, use bioabsorbable stent and to use protection device in carotid stenting
  • First to introduce intra-op cath lab to enable hybrid revascularization procedures
  • Accredited by JCI and AAHRPP



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Virtually every type of heart surgery, from neonatal open-heart surgeries to aneurysm surgeries to heart transplant, are performed, with excellent results…

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Consultants Team

Our team of experts are amongst the finest in the world, be it in academic qualifications, clinical expertise, hands-on experience or in research publications.

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Cardiac Procedures

Thank you for choosing Apollo Heart Institute as your heart care provider. We ensure the highest standards in medical and nursing care in comfortable surroundings.

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Abnormal Heart Beat

Arrhythmias irregular beating of the heart is due to different reasons like existing heart disease, blood electrolyte imbalances, cardiomyopathy or coronary artery disease.

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Cardiac Rehab

Patients with paralysis, stroke, trauma, cancer, heart disease, surgery etc. Can be left with some form of disability, which can be in the form of physical, psychological, or social disability.

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Heart Valve Surgery

Heart Valve Surgery is of two types a) Valve repair b) Valve replacement. Minimally invasive techniques with lesser incisions on the chest is followed for heart valve surgery.

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Heart Transplantation

Heart transplantation is a complex procedure. It is the gift of life given by an unknown person (donor) to an individual who has lost all his hopes due to poor heart condition.

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Saving a Child’s Heart Initiative

Saving a Child’s Heart initiative is the largest charitable organization that is dedicated to providing pediatric care in India. Sachi is recognized for its commitment to quality medical care and accountability, its work has touched people’s hearts.

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Coronary Artery Disease

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Heart Patients Speak

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Clinical Outcomes

High-quality, evidence-based care (care that is proven) leads to more lives saved, less time in the hospital and better long-term outcomes. Apollo Hospitals is the first hospital to publish clinical outcomes data as a commitment to transparency and clinical excellence.

Clinical Measure

Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery mortality rate [death rate]

Complication rate post-Coronary Intervention [after an Angioplasty procedure]

Average Length Of Stay (ALOS) in the hospital post Angioplasty


The Apollo Promise

  • Clinical Excellence: Having touched more than 3 million hearts over nearly 40 years, our doctors are among the country’s most experienced and most skilled and are trained to know every beat by heart. Their skill, coupled with our state-of-the-art infrastructure, helps us deliver better interventional and surgical outcomes than global standards – making us the safest hands to care for your heart. We also continue to stay at the helm of research and innovation to bring the latest and best care to you
  • Collaborative and personalized care: Teamwork is at the heart of how we care for you. We have an able team of doctors, diagnosticians, technicians, nurses and coordinators that are trained to accurately and efficiently have you diagnosed, treated, discharged and monitored to enable the best long-term outcomes through a care plan that is tailor-made for you.
  • Service Excellence: Apollo Hospitals benchmarks with the best among the world’s service organizations to create a culture of Patient Engagement with a service vision of “Offering Care beyond Compare”. To know more about our 6 pillars of service culture, click here.


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