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Haematology & Clinical Pathology

This department deals with diagnosing accurately Haematological diseases like various anaemias, leukaemias, thrombocytopenic purpuras and coagulation disorders eg., various types of haemophilias, qualitative platelet functional disorders etc.

Special Investigations

  • Reporting of Bone Marrow aspiration smears
  • Imunocytochemistry (CD13, CD14, CD41 and Erythroglycophorin cell maker stuclips),
  • Protein C,S. Anti thrambin APCR assays. C Thanbophilia package).
  • Immuno-Cytochemistry
  • Mixing Experiments
  • Factor VIII / IX / XI assays
  • Plateletagglegometry etc. (only institution extending this service in A.P)
  • Reporting of Bone Marrow aspiration smears


  • Haematology Analyses : a) ABX – PENTRA-120 RETIC b) ABBOTT – CELLDYN – 1600
  • (Fully automated 5 part differential electronic particle cell counter)
  • b) AB olicos – ‘3’ part differential cell counter
  • Coagulation analyser – CASCADE -M-HELENA-Lab
  • Fully automated urine strip reader
  • QBC – Paralens – Haemoparasite detection system
  • Platelet aggregometer
  • STA compact C fully automated coagulation anolyzer3
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