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Respiratory Medicine

Founded at the time of inception of the hospital in 1989 and the department has grown more than 50% during the last decade number of patient have increased by 10 times.

Disease Management Programme (DMP) for Asthma

Successfully conducted many workshops

Department is recognized as the key centre for clinical research in areas of pulmonary & critical care medicine & more than 12 drug trials have been conducted so far and many more are in the pipeline

Conducted live workshops and trained the doctors in intubations & bronchoscopy on animals and on actual patients.

The key programs include

Interventional pulmonology and critical care

  • DMP in chronic respiratory disease – Asthma + COPD
  • Patients from different places in and outside AP other places come to us.
  • Terminally ill patients requiring ventilator support are also handled.

Many programs are organized by the department that includes.

  • DMP
  • Camps in schools/college/company office for the detection of various Respiratory disorders
  • Oxygen camp with police staff delivered several lectures in public and private sector to doctors for clinical update
  • Patient Education programme with dedicated helpline (24 hours) now converted into a common number
  • E-consultation through Telemedicine
  • Smoking Cessation Clinic
  • Patient Education Programmes
  • Health Camps
  • Asthma check
  • Smoking Cessation programme/Health education on Smoking
  • Participated in Education Programmes on World – No Tobacco Day for 5 years
  • Quit & Win programme for education against tobacco use sponsored by IUALTD (International Union against Lung and Tuberculosis Disorders)
  • What are the post-operative/ rehabilitation initiatives you offer your patients?
  • COPD Asthma – Rehabilitation programme for Bronchitis
  • Bronchiectasis – full-fledged and regular Chest Physiotherapy is advised for Oxygen therapy
  • Lung cancer trial in 1995 –Apollo was only selected place for conducting phase 3 clinical trials in the management of Stage 3 Lung Cancer
  • Diagnostics, Facilities & Treatment
  • Bronchoscopy
  • Pulmonary Function Test (PFT)
  • Thoracoscopy/Sleep Medicine
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