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Patients Speak


P.Y.Manohar Raju for Dr. indumati

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Dr. Indumathy madam and staff in Appolo hospital for the excellent care I received during my two cataract surgeries. ( Right eye in Jan 2021 and left eye on first oct 2021 )The Results were extraordinary. I never thought I would be able to see as clearly as I do now with my new reading glasses. I was very uneasy before the surgery because of the blindness in my two eyes since one year. Your professional mannerism and excellence as an Ophthalmologist put me at ease and I am so thankful for the response on phone after the surgery. I am very pleased with the results.

Ranjani for Dr.Rooma Sinha

  Good afternoon Mam. I am Ranjani. I like to share about me to you. Today I met Madhu Mam at Sangeet. Madhu mam, advised me how to take care of my health and activities.I am grateful for the surgery you did for me..first i was nervous about having surgery..but, within a week I came to normal and started doing my routine works.Thank you Mam, for describing what would happen before during and after surgery..I am feeling very good and thankful that there were not any complications during the surgery.

I am active and pain no strain..but, my husband is NOT allowing me to jump and dance & drive vehicle..

Otherwise I am superb!



Ritamonj K Gogoi for Dr. Anuradha Panda

  Patient complimented that an amazing doctor who listens to you, who gives you time and explains everything in details to you about the cure. Thank yo Dr. Anuradha Panda Mam.

Manjula Ayesetti for Nursing

  Patient complimented that nursing service is very good, helpful and caring.

Anjana G

  Patient complimented that Sr. Shabhana was very friendly and very clear in what she explained. They have a great future a head. Sr. Greeny was very patient  and always carried a smile and passed it on to us.

Sthuthi Sanjeevi for Nursing

  Patient complimented that Sr. Reshmi and Sr. Vidya’s care in services only are too good.

Azmeera Mothi for Nursing

  Patient complimented that nursing staff are responding very well, even in their busy schedule also.

Venkataiah B for Preventive Health Checks

  Patient complimented that Mr. Madhu and Ms. Praveena helped us in getting our tests in an ease manner. They were helpful, courteous in performing their job responsibilities.

Deepak Naroju for Dr. Subramanyam

  Patient complimented that Dr. Subramanyam sir is too good with the way he treats patients. He make the patients cool with the way he talks.

Janaki Kutty for Doctors and nursing care

  Patient complimented that i would like to appreciate the whole team of Doctors,nurses,housekeeping, F&B and physiotherapy team. Their services were excellent.

Kavitha Nangunoori for Doctors and nursing care

  Patient complimented that doctors and nursing care is good. Sr. Sandhya given good care.

Avik Pal

  Patient complimented that Sr. Della James was very supportive and went all the way to help the patient in all means.She was very cooperative in helping and taking care of the patient. Wish you a successful life a head.

Venkataiah B for Preventive Health Checks

  Patient complimented that Mr. Madhu and Ms. Praveena helped us in getting our tests in an ease manner. They were helpful, courteous in performing their job responsibilities.

G Eashwitha for Nursing care

  Patient complimented that perfect nursing care at Apollo Jublihills by Sr. Srilatha.

Prameela P for Room Services

  Patient complimented that in recovery room services were good. Sisters are so good, they all are giving good care for every Patient. Specially Sr. Bhargavi.

G Mallappa

  Patient complimented that excellent service all time, this is my 5th surgery at Apollo. Since 2007 i am coming regularly.

Y Savithri

  Patient complimented that the way of behaving and attitude towards the patient and relatives are extraordinary. Thank you Sr. Suvarna Bai.

Anish Therla for Nurses

  Patient complimented that OT recovery Sr. Suvarna Bai given good care , she treated as a family member. She is very dedicated to work. She is the best nurse. Apollo hospital need this type of nurse to provide better care.

Sarada for Dr.Jasmin Rath

  The service rendered by the Dr.Jasmin Rath, was excellent and we are really astonished to note their humble and friendly approach towards the patient. And I wish her a long and happy life to serve the human beings with her smiling and affectionate way of treatment.

Aruna Kanjani for Dr Rooma Sinha

  I am writing a testimonial for you.

“Dr Rooma Sinha performed an abdominal myomectomy on me to remove large uterine fibroid(size-12cm) under extreme circumstances.In a time when i was looking for trustworthy treatments for myself,I found
Dr. Sinha, who put all my doubts to rest and gave an assurance unlike any other. The surgery was fast, smooth and performed with great care. It’s been only 15 days and no one would believe that I had undergone a surgery. She is a brilliant doctor with great skills”.

Aruna Kanjani

Sri Ram and Tejo Vani for Dr. Rooma Sinha

  I am Dr. Sri Ram, Assistant Professor in Goa University and my wife name is Mrs. Tejo Vani, who was with suffering with fibroids and we do not have children also, and we were looking for a doctor online for best treatment and very fortunately we got Dr. Rooma Sinha.​

What would I say about You Doctor in words, if I try to say in words may be I feel that I am getting tears, I found first time in our life a DOCTOR, who really mean in it and who really made it.  When I heard about her first time on line, I was feared like to talk to her by phone, because such a great doctor can allow us to talk on phone? But I was surprised when she picked up phone and they way she asked me the information and the way she guided me on phone with a great love and compassionate, without seeing us personally , before we come to you, she made us very comfortable to visit hospital.

They way you guided on the day of surgery, when it is the time of a crucial situation, to go for a Laparoscopic Myomectomy or Robotic Hysterectomy Surgery, really it made tough to take a decision just 1 hr before going to surgery though we had choice to take on our own but as a Doctor, they way you helped me and supported and made a feel with your presence to take a decision.

One thing I would never forgot in my life, before surgery, when me and my wife, together in tears, we have seen you the same in your eyes, and we never forgot in our life, and we met “A Human Being”, above all.

And especially when we were in trouble in getting Insurance, the way you handle the case and made it approval and made us comfortable till we got Insurance, I have seen you a good humanitarian and for that we were indebted the whole life for you.

And the last, Dr. Rooma Sinha means, “A Love, Compassionate, a Good Human Being, above all an Excellent Proficient with always a smile on face” God Bless You Doctor and hope you will have long happy life  and make us live happily.

 I would specially say thank to Mr. Rama Krishna, at Insurance Desk, We wish to thank his efficient handling of the insurance forms for our recent visit to your hospital. As out-of-state travelers, we feared that the paperwork would be a nightmare, but your competent staff knew exactly what to do. In a surprisingly short time, they had processed the forms, and we were back on our vacation. I would like to thank you and your staff, especially, your assistant and P.A and the staff in International Block and the Catering and the entire staff Hospital.

Above all “God Bless You and Your family”


Copious Love and Affection
Sri Ram and Tejo Vani

Vijayalaxmi Panama for Dr Rooma Sinha

Dr.Rooma SinhaThis is Vijayalaxmi Panama who recently got operated for Fibroids (myomectomy) and am perfectly alright after the operation with back to normal life in just three days of operation. Thank you so much for giving right counseling and all the help till we are discharged from the hospital and  post operation visit.I think you made thing so simple and it boosted our confidence in every advice you shared. kudos to your patience to answer all our queries and transparency in all approaches explained for the operation. It was overall wonderful experience and Apollo should proud to have doctors like you mam.One last thing is your smile ….the way you interact with patients with BIG smile will also increases confidence and forgets their worries.  Keep Smiling Doctor 🙂 :)I would also like to thank you entire staff in International block for their great compassion and service for three days. Truly inspirational place and entire team is doing fabulous job.Finally would like thank you Rama Krishna (Insurance Help Desk) for his Patience and the way he manages so many people by answering millions of questions in a day.Thanks
Vijayalaxmi Panama/Sunil Panama

Tusa Mwakalobo for Dr Rooma Sinha


My name is Tusa Mwakalobo, (Lady) Iam 32yrs old from Tanzania, I was diagnosed with endometriosis for the past 7/8 life as a woman /girl has been the most difficult and never new one day I will be happy due to my condition,especially on my periods days where by I experienced pain and met only with my stomach but the treatment received on monthly basis.

2010 lost hope of being treated nor becoming a mother after being told by my doctor that my problem has reached a stage that can’t be treated.

2014 my hope raised back again and decided to do my own research online where by I learned about a lot of Endometriosis research and treatment and was not helpful for me, also I learned about a lot of different doctors from different place with their view I was almost give up,but in the process of giving up I was very interested with One Dr from India and her name is Madam Rooma Sinha,from Apollo Hospital Hyderbad India,i made my effort to meet her, so together with my Gynaecology in Tanzania from (Aghakhan Hospital) with the support of my Office Doctor, together they made initiative to contact Apollo Hospital and Apollo hospital they made initiative to contact Dr Rooma Sinha where by we reached to treatment procedure and that’s when I made my decision to go to Apollo where by I have my trust in God and Dr Rooma Sinha 100%. and thanks to God he got me out safe out of the operation on 13th Nov 2014,Groly be to God.

I was the happiest woman when the Dr revealed the good news to me ” The Operation was 100% very successful”

I never imagined that one month of my period will pass without pain or the embarrassment I went through but by God’s grace, may my Almighty God bless Dr Rooma Sinha and her team at last they did it.

Now I hope to become a mother soon and all thanks to God through Dr Rooma Sinha and her team at Apollo.

My suggestion and recommendation to the people all over the world especially my fellow people from Tanzania,Nothing is Impossible in this world nor disease no problem that has no solution, their not suppose to loose hope, A help can be found anywhere, but for me I recommend Apollo As I believe it is the best place to bring back Hope and Smile.

Greetings from Tanzania

Tusa Mwakalobo

Tamunotonye Ladapo (Nigeria) for Dr Rooma Sinha


Dear Dr. Rooma Sinha,

In December 2011 I was admitted in hospital for anaemic heart failure. I had been losing large amounts of blood during my mentrual flow for about a year prior to the admission. Medical tests revealed that the bleeding was caused by uterine myoma consisting of multiple masses embedded in the wall of my uterus. The masses which were about the size of a 32 week old fetus, had grown to such an extent that it had stretched and distorted my uterus leaving very little space in my womb. The doctor in Nigeria recommended a myectomy but if my life was threatened during surgery they would perform a hysterctomy, i.e. removal of my womb, as he feared my life would be endangered during the opreration due to excessive bleeding.

I was devastated at the thought of losing my womb as I am expecting to bear my own children.

I sought a second opinion and was referred to Apollo Health City (“AHC”). At AHC the MRI scan revealed in part “a grossly enlarged uterus, extending sueriorly into the abdomen, up to LI level, causing abdominal distension. A large, relatively well defined lesion showing heterogenous dark signals on T2, STIR images is seen filling almost the entire anterior and right lateral asopects of enlarge duterus, measuring about 107mm (AP) x 12mm (craniocaudal) x 144mm (transverse) – s/o giant fibroid”. In their estimation the giant fibroid was the size of a 36 week fetus.

When Dr. Rooma Sinha discovered that I am expecting to have children she assured me that she would endeavour to preserve my womb 98%. To achieve this she would perform an open surgery of 3cm in addition to myomectomy (laparascopic) which she did.

I am grateful to God and pleased to say that the surgery was successful. I am happliy looking forward to bearing my own children soonest.

Thank you
Dr. Rooma Sinha, thank you AHC.
Tamunotonye Ladapo (Nigeria)

Happy Patient for Dr Rooma Sinha

  I underwent Robotic Laproscopic removal of uterus Fibroid by Dr Rooma Sinha in May 2013 @ Appolo Hyderabad.
She is among the best doctors who gave optimum personal attention and professional advice . She was patient to understand my case history and never rushed me into a surgery.
She is knowledgeable and very approachable to answer any questions  before and after surgery. She made sure I am on a regular diet asap after the surgery which helped me recover faster. I felt she empathizes with her patients and not treat them as bodies.I have already recommended her to friends and would recommend to anyone else. We would like to again thanks Dr. Rooma for all her support and medical care.

Aruna Kanjani for Dr Rooma Sinha


I would like to express my heart felt appreciation to you for the excellent care received during my surgery. Me and my family will forever carry gratitude in our hearts for your expertise and skills.

I am writing a testimonial for you.

“Dr Rooma Sinha performed an abdominal myomectomy on me to remove large uterine fibroid(size-12cm) under extreme circumstances.In a time when i was looking for trustworthy treatments for myself,I found
Dr. Sinha, who put all my doubts to rest and gave an assurance unlike any other. The surgery was fast, smooth and performed with great care. It’s been only 15 days and no one would believe that I had undergone a surgery. She is a brilliant doctor with great skills”.

Thanking You,

Warm Regards,
Aruna Kanjani

Ms. Trisha Kumar

Dear Madam,

It has been three months since my surgery and I would first like to thank you for all that you have done. I have never been able to express my gratitude for what you did for me.  You literally given me a new life.  I am a firm believer that God puts special people in your life for a reason. I will never forget what you mean to me and what you did for me.  You didn’t have to take my medical complications on.  You were not the one that “messed” me up.  My family and I were at a loss, I did not know how much more pain I would be able to take and who would be able to reconstruct me.

I remember the first visit on July 16, 2013, you were highly recommended and I thought to myself, how a doctor with high recommendations could take on such a nightmare!  I entered your office doors not only in severe pain, but with the mindset that you would not take me on as a patient.  For that first time in a long time, I saw “HOPE” and it was in your eyes. Because from almost last one year I was suffering from that mental trauma after listening to the negative comments.

I wanted to say thank you for being so patient with me prior to the surgery, with all my questions! I believe you said I hold a new record. I got exactly what I wanted out of this and all I wanted to do is feel “NORMAL” again. Post Surgery I look back and feel silly for being so nervous.  Your entire Team, including your PA for wonderful co-ordination, lab assistants, radiologists, pathologists, specially nurses, each and everyone made me feel so comfortable the during my stay over there and the recovery has gone very smoothly.

I am writing you this letter with tears in my eyes. Madam, there are no words to describe how grateful I am for you.  You are not just and amazing surgeon, but an amazing person as well…

Thank you for everything,
With Love,

Ms. Trisha Kumar

Mrs. Trisha Kumar
Asst. Registrar (Academics)
Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra
Patna Campus

Swagata B. Dasgupta for Dr Anuradha Panda

My experience with Dr​ Anuradha Panda ​is excellent. She is expert surgeon and above all are very caring and supportive strong woman​.​ I have undergone a laparoscopic surgery by her and feeling great​!​ ​Thanks to Dr​ Anuradha Panda​ and ​Apollo Faculty for ​providing mail me the top quality in time treatment​.​


Tembi Simuchoba, Lusaka, Zambia

Apollo Health City is a place where miracles are made. I was first admitted here in October 2013 for surgery.
Quality of care excellent.I was attended to immediately and taken good care of. Staff caring , impressive and knowledgeable. Staff at all levels take personal pride in their work and do it to the best of their ability. Doctor patient ratio, I was personallyimpressed that I was attended to by both consultants and doctors through out my stay. Investigative nature of treatment. They believe in getting to the bottom of the issue the root cause and not just treating symptoms.
They are great believes in research and development and have a whole department dedicated to that.
They truly live up to their motto of touching lives.. They touched mine.

Fabunmi for Dr. Anuradha Panda

Met Dr. Anuradha Panda April 28 2016 and she was been following up my medical history having to go through Chemotherapy. She managed the pregnancy stages well and baby was delivered with an elective C section option healthy. Dr.Anuradha Panda, during the surgery process was pleasant and surgery went well, no pains or complains. If am to choose again, I will pick her as my Gyneac. Follow up during admission was process and always on time.

Abhijeet Manoharrao Bhosikar for Dr Manish Varma

Blessed are those who get another chance to live, but more blessed are those who give them the 2nd chance….
As my father completes 1 year of his new life, I would like to thank Dr Manish Varma on behalf of my family.
Doctor have not only treated your patient, but you have given back a son to his mother & a daughter her father, a wife her husband. Most of all a well admired person amongst his own people. One behalf of each one of those and my family I would once again like to thank you Dr Manish Varma sir.
 Thank you Sir for saving my father’s life!!!
Abhijeet Manoharrao Bhosikar

Mrs Judith Gupta, Hyderabad for Dr Vimee Bindra

 Have been consulting Dr. Bindra for about 8 months during and post my wife’s pregnancy and have been came assured after every consultation. All our queries were handled in a very friendly and professional manner and were never had to worry about anything.The delivery was super smooth and almost without breaking a sweat. Will highly recommend Dr. Bindra for anything related.
Mrs Judith Gupta, Hyderabad

Rahul, Andhra Pradesh

 My mother underwent laparoscopic hysterectomy. Doctor is Very patient and caring., clearly explained the condition and modalities of treatment. Very much satisfied with the treatment., moreover major advantage is that doctor is specialized in laparoscopic surgery
Rahul, Andhra Pradesh

Mrs Alekhya, Hyderabad for Dr.Vimee Bindra

We develpoed a good rapport with Dr.Vimee Bindra right from the start. We could openly discuss any issue with her and felt like we are in safe hands. Right from conception to delivery, she has been very supportive. Extremely knowledgeable, excellent surgeon, and a very responsible doctor who can handle any complication with ease. Overall we had a wonderful experience

Mrs Judith Gupta for Dr.Vimee Bindra

Have been consulting Dr. Bindra for about 8 months during and post my wife’s pregnancy and have been came assured after every consultation. All our queries were handled in a very friendly and professional manner and were never had to worry about anything.

The delivery was super smooth and almost without breaking a sweat. Will highly recommend Dr. Bindra for anything related.
Mrs Judith Gupta, Hyderabad

K.Sravanthi for Dr Rooma Sinha

 I got Diagnosed with a large cysts in a regular health checkup, with fear of it related to Cancer or Ovaries removal, I visited Dr. Rooma she explained the problem and made the situation easier. I underwent the Robotic Endometriosis Surgery on Day Care basis. It just took 2 days for me to recover and get back to my normal life.Now I am more confident, healthier and travelling abroad in 5 days.
Thanks to Dr. Rooma and to her team.

Pavani Palaka for Dr Rooma Sinha

I am a 34F and i am absolutely fine NOW. Kind of reborn. All the credit goes to Dr. Rooma Sinha and Dr. Madhumathi for identifying the problem I had and giving me right guidance in right time. I have been was diagnosed with a fibroid 7-cm 2 years back. Visited so many doctors, who all suggested that there is all chance of getting pregnant with such a size of fibroid and there would not be any problem in the development of the baby too as they in their career have come across so many women with much bigger fibroids and had no issues and have gone full term. As it is, I was afraid of surgery fearing the consequences, hysterectomy being the most common, though rare and as they said that there is a chance of getting pregnant we were trying to conceive without undergoing surgery for removal of fibroid. I suffered a lot. Very heavy bleeding which would start every 18 days and last around 8-10 days to completely stop, heavy, cramping, clots of blood, severe back pain, weakness, and dropping my hemoglobin.

It was on November 29th, 2015, that I met Dr. Madhumathi in Apollo secunderabad who after a small check told me that its impossible for me to get pregnant with this fibroid and it had to be removed and suggested to have a MRI and meet the surgeon Dr. Rooma Sinha in J.Hills. After the MRI scanning, surgery was planned on December 8th. Though a bit apprehensive, all my fears have vanished after speaking with Dr. Rooma. The way she approaches the patient is totally different and comforting and removing fibroids is like plucking out some skin tag from our face!!!! and this is what I felt about Dr. Rooma Sinha after I spoke to her which gave me a lot of confidence and I went ahead with the surgery. Surgery was on December 8th, Discharged on December 10th. OMG!!! I feel so light and active now. All credit goes to Dr. Rooma and Dr. Madhumathi for guiding me right.

Thank you so much!! you guys are doing a fab job!!!

Aruna Kanjani for Dr Vimee Bindra & Dr Prameela Sekhar

My mom Aliya begum 57 yrs was suffering from severe low back pain and after having a scan i came to know that she had a large fibroid in the uterus of almost 70mm in size I was suggested by a gyenocologist that my mom would need a hystrectomy surgery but who can do a good surgery was the question in my mind as I am a surgical application specialist in a Medical device company (Medtronic) I knew about the procedure that there are two ways to do a hysterectomy open procedure and laproscopic, and I knew  that laproscopic surgery needs a lot of expertise and not all gyenocologist can do it  After consulting a lot of gyenocologists  in various multi speciality hospitals in Hyderabad I was not satisfied bcoz all of them had different views finally I went to Apollo hospital at jubilee hills and met Dr vimee bindra who was very kind, soft spoken, humble and extremely caring the way she explained me about the treatment was fabulous I was convinced with her and i got my mom admitted, the very next day a successful laproscopic hysterectomy was done to my mom and she was discharged from the hospital in 48 hours, she is absolutely fine and happy now. I like to thank Dr vimee bindra and Dr Prameela Sekhar on behalf of my whole family for treating my mom and giving her a healthy and pain free life. Apollo group will be proud to have doctors like her in their team. I hope that my story will help somebody in getting better treatment.

Ms Moureen Arbogast for Dr Vimee Bindra, Dr Prameela Sekhar

I thank Dr Vimee Bindra, Dr Prameela Sekhar and Dr Suneetha Nareddy for diagnosing my condition and treating me. Before coming to Apollo Hospital,I suffered so much and they were not able to diagnose it. Finally I met Dr Vimee Bindra, who did my laparoscopy and I was diagnosed with abdominal tuberculosis. Now I am being treated for same by Dr Suneetha. I appreciate all three doctors for helping me and treating me successfully. I wish them all the best for their future endeavours and request them to continue their good work and help people like us from developing countries where resources are lacking. Thank you so much doctor. Thanks Apollo


I would like to convey my sincerest appreciation to you for being an excellent doctor, a thorough professional and a great human being. I remember the day I walked into your office seeking advice on my growing uterine fibroid. I was very apprehensive and full of questions and doubts, but you managed to allay all my fears by taking time to explain and answer all questions. I knew then that I did not need to look any further for a capable and skilled doctor; I knew I could trust you with the procedure. And I was right. From the moment I was wheeled into the OT to the moment I was discharged, everything went smoothly and without a hitch. The surgery left barely visible scars and no after effects. I must thank you for performing the surgery so skillfully.

Further more, I would like to thank you for being available, responsive and so warm throughout the process and after. You re-instate my faith in doctors – may your tribe increase 🙂

Omar for Dr Vimee Bindra & Dr.Prameela Sekhar

A certificate of thanks

I really would like to thank both Dr vimee Bindra and Dr.k. Prameela Sekhar for everything they have done to my mother. They are consultant gynaecology and obstetrician in Apollo Hospital, Jubilee Hills in Hyderabad. They did laparoscopy operation for cyst in the ovaries. My mother and I are very pleased with their works. So all the best for both of you and accept our appreciations.

A patient’s son

Shalini and Family for Dr Vimee Bindra

It was a wonderful experience having a baby and with consultation and help of Dr Vimee Bindra at Apollo Hospital. it was even more easy and a happy experience to go through the complete period of 9 months. She has always discussed and advised us not as a doctor but as a friend as well. We thank her from the core of our heart for all her efforts.

Shalini and Family

Aruna Kanjani for Dr.Vimee Bindra

I consider myself most fortunate to have had (you)Dr.Vimee Bindra as my doctor. “ Even after consulting many doctors from very popular institutions, I was not satisfied with their explanations and was not explained with everything that I had to undergo during and after surgery. But I could feel the experience in Dr.Vimee with in the half hour talk that we had on the first day of my consultation. She was totally honest and made us feel very comfortable in the first meeting itself. She has explained thoroughly and made me understand everything clear. My surgery experience with her was wonderful. I am glad to have Dr.Vimee not only as my surgeon and also as my personal family doctor.
Thank you doctor!!!

Maya Chandranathan for Dr. K Prameela Sekhar

I would like to place on record my deep felt appreciation for the highly professional competence shown by Dr. K Prameela Sekhar (Consultant Obstetrician and Gynecologist) and her team in connection with the extremely difficult hysterectomy surgery done on me on the 19th of December 2014 at Apollo hospitals, jubilee hills Hyderabad.

I would also like to mention that the subsequent care by the staff at the ‘CRADLE’ wing of the International Block was very crucial for my recovery….

Birender Kaur for Dr Prameela Sekhar & Dr Vimee Bindra

I underwent Laparoscopic Hysterectomy with Dr Prameela Sekhar & Dr Vimee Bindra. My surgery was done successfully and I am very thankful to both the doctors and Apollo Hospitals. I got a lot of help from them and my problem is treated successfully.

Mrs Bhagyalakshmi for Dr Vimee Bindra

Dear Doctor Vimee bindra, My mom Bhagya Lakshmi(underwent laproscopy in November 2014 in Apollo Banjara hills).I Anusha daughter of Bhagya Lakshmi decided to write you a small note, thanking you for your excellent service.I am delighted to say that my mom is feeling better.Overall my mom health has improved and I’d just like to extend my appreciation for this positive outcome. It’s affected my moms everyday life, and my mom feel so much better now. Once again, thank you so much for your time and expertise, I wish you the best with all of your future endeavours.
Yours Sincerely,

Abaida Sakem AlJabri for Dr.Anuradha Panda

Hi  Everyone,

My name is Osan , my mother Abaida Sakem AlJabri was treated by Dr.Anuradha Panda, Sr.Consultant Gynecologist and laproscopic Surgeon at Apollo Healthcity, Hyderabad, India. First I would like to thank Allah for helping pass off the operation successfully. Secondly I would like to thank the doctor who performed the operation. This is my mother’s third surgery. She underwent Robotic Hysterectomy  and she had very less blood loss. Now after the operation, she is much better than she was before and she is fit for discharge in 36 Hours. Thank you to everybody who works in Apollo Hospitals.

All the best.

K.Usha Rani for Dr. Anuradha Panda

I am K Usha Rani 44 year old suffering from fibroid. I have consulted Dr. Anuradha Panda of Apollo Hospital, Hyderabad. She performed Robotic assisted myomectomy followed by hysterectomy on 28.10.2014. Now i am feeling well. I discharged from the hospital on 30.10.2014. I am very much impressed with the Robotic Surgery. It helps me for early recovery, less pain and no loss of blood. I am very much thankful to Dr. Anuradha Panda and the team of the Apollo Hospital who performed the operation.

Gracy & Churchill for Dr. Vimee Bindra Basu

Dear Dr.Vimee,

We thank you a lot for the care you provided over the course of my pregnancy and now we are blessed with twin baby girls on 20th Nov.2014. Being our first pregnancy and the complications we went through to conceive make me even more nervous before we met you.  We were also extremely fortunate to meet you especially when we are new to this city (Hyderabad).   It was especially comforting that the team were available and attend to all our needs as a matter of urgency to alleviate concerns we had throughout the pregnancy.

       Churchill & I are so grateful to you for the wealth of information you provided us and the quality time you spent with us just to let us know “It’s all going to be OK”.

Thanking You.
With Regards,
Gracy & Churchill

Happy Patient for Dr. Anuradha Panda

We are blessed with a baby girl (normal delivery) and are very thankful to Dr. Anuradha Panda. From the day of conception, she recommended a good diet over medicines, performed only the essential scans, and was always available to clear our doubts/concerns. Though it was a late night delivery, she was available and kept motivating us for a normal delivery. This delivery and the joy of parenting wouldn’t have been the same without her efforts.

I also thank the nursing staff, who were very supportive and kept visiting us to check the baby’s vital signs. Irrespective of the unearthly hours, they were available to support the mother and baby.

Big thanks to the housekeeping staff and Admin who provided us with a world class experience during the stay.

Apollo hospitals (Jubilee Hills) definitely has our vote and we thank Dr. Panda and her team for delivering our bundle of joy with pleasant memories and a hassle free experience.

Prateek Sengupta for Dr. Anuradha Panda

I am Prateek Sengupta. My wife had a normal delivery on October 18, 2014 in Apollo Hospitals under the supervision of Dr. Anuradha Panda. We are very satisfied with the treatment that we got at Apollo Hospitals. Also we are very thankful to Dr. Anuradha Panda for supervising and treating us all the way for 9 months.This being our first kid we had a lot of questions and we used to get scared even for small things but Dr. Anuradha Panda always provided her expert advice all the times to allay our fears.
Dr. Anuradha Panda is a great doctor with great diagnostics capabilities. She was always happy to help and answer all our queries.Overall I think it was a great expereince in Apollo and enjoyed it very much

Amool (Mrs Rukiya's daughter) for Dr. Vimee Bindra and Dr. Prameela Shekhar

Mrs Rukiya from UAE was suffering from severe bleeding and fibroid uterus, underwent Total Laparoscopic Hysterectomy with Dr. Vimee Bindra and Dr. Prameela Shekhar

“I am very happy with my mom’s recovery and her surgery done by Dr Vimee Bindra and Dr Prameela Shekhar. My mom was suffering so much, the doctors treated her so well and did her surgery and discharged her in two days after Laparoscopic Hysterectomy. We are very happy with the doctors and Apollo Hospital Services”

Happy Patient for Dr.Alok Ranjan

I am glad to give my appreciation and thanks to all the neurosciences institute staff generally and particularly to
Dr Alok Ranjan. I had a PV Shunt operation & I felt very much relieved and healthy.
Thanks again !

Happy Patient for Dr.Rooma Sinha and Dr. Madhumathi

Dr.Rooma Sinha and Dr. Madhumathi Consultants Dept of  Gynaecology & Obstetrics Apollo Hospitals, Hyderabad made me feel so comfortable that I never felt like a patient. The hysteroscopy was performed and later explained the next course of action. Hats off to the entire team of Apollo for the marvellous service

Mrs. Nawari Devaki Devi for Dr. Srinivas juluri

Dr. Srinivas juluri, Consultant Surgical Oncologist, Apollo Cancer Hospitals, Hyderabad services are excellent
we were very happy to admit under him. we would like to visit again especially for the doctor if required in the future.

Sukla Roy Chowdhury for Dr.Vimee Bindra

Hi Vimee mam, we  cudnt thank u enuf 2day, u have saved my life n my family, will alwys b grateful. Ur patient Sukla Roy Chowdhury n family.

Mrs.Padmaja for Dr. M Somasekar

Thank you Dr. M Somasekar,  sir  your personal attention towards the patient is unmatchable and highly appreciable. You are a replica of God

Dr.Swapan Kumar

Thank you to all the team members of Apollo Healthcity who are very cooperative , special mention Ms Sophia (staff nurse)who  is outstanding and hardworking. I appreciate her efforts towards the organization.

Mr.Shiva Donthula for Dr.Balavardhan Reddy

Thank you Dr.Balavardhan Reddy for your utmost care and concern towards the patient, you stand as a role model for the health care.

Happy Patient for Dr. V. Ravi Andrews

Dr. V. Ravi Andrews,
Apollo Health City.Apollo should be proud to have Dr.Ravi Andrews.
He is a star doctor!

T.Y.Mahesh Babu for Dr. Aftab ahmed

Dr. Aftab ahmed,
Internal Medicine,
M.D ( Internal Medicine),
Apollo Hospital Secunderabad,

Wishing you a Happy Doctors Day Sir
T.Y.Mahesh Babu


 Dr.Revathi,Gynecology, Laparoscopic Surgeon.
Focus on Gynaec Endoscopic Surgery
Tubal Recanalisation, Cancer Detection
Hysteroscopic and Colposcopic Procedures,
Apollo Hospital Secunderabad.
Doctors are great!
They are the second God.
Live Long and Treat Many.

Thulasi Rishi for Dr. Premila Dr. L.V.S Prasad & Dr. Vanaja

I chose Apollo Hospital for my delivery because it has the best facilities. My pregnancy was a very tough experience but my Doctor really helped me get throughout with utmost patience and helped me staycalm. I suffered from Gestational thrombocytopenia and Gestational Diabetes during the 7th month, Doctor took extremely good care of me, by taking blood and other tests every month. Along with Doctor Premila , Dr. L.V.S Prasad and Hematologist – Dr. Vanaja also really helped me. I was put on the high risk list and I was very tensed and worried, but by God’s grace and the hospitable facilities of the doctors and the staff, I pulled through and I can tell Apollo gave me a second life.I would like to thank all the staff and nurses for giving me the strength, support and taking very good care of me. I would recommend Apollo Hospital to anyone, anytime.

Mr. Sanjeev Kumar, father of baby Sadhika.

We were in Bangalore before shifting to Hyderabad and even there, we only consulted at Apollo Hospitals for any health issues. So, when my wife got pregnant without thinking twice Apollo Hospital was our first choice. We have been consulting at Apollo right from the first month of pregnancy and we are extremely happy with way the Doctors and staff interacted and communicated with us. The doctors told us that it’d be a normal delivery after the fifth month and that is exactly how it happened. The support provided by the staff and doctors was incredible.

Thanks Apollo for the amazing support!

Baby Khan – Patient for Dr. Sharmila Kaza

My baby who was born at 26 weeks of gestational age (7 Months of Pregnancy) needed a short duration of Ventilation (12 hours) and stayed in the Neo Natal Intensive Care for about 6-8 weeks. Now my baby is 4 months old and is doing well neurologically, with intact vision and hearing. He is gaining weight and reaching his milestones as any other normal child. My wife was ventilated herself for a month due to sudden inset of Cardiac Failure and went into Preterm Labour. Today, I am a happy man with a healthy wife and child.

I thank Dr. Sharmila Kaza, Pediatric Consultant, for the care and expertise she has shown, I also thank Dr. Vimmi Bindra, our Gynecologist and the entire team of Cradle at Apollo Hospital.

Baby Sai Eshwar for Dr. Sharmila Kaza

My son had suddenly begun being restless and uncomfortable, my whole family was dejected and we didn’t know how to help him. He had short stature for his age, hearing defects, vision, eczema on the skin and hair, Doctors in different hospitals were not able to identify the problem of disease. One day he suffered from a Fit, then we consulted Dr. Sharmila Kaza at Apollo. My son was then diagnosed with ‘The H Syndrome.’ The team of Doctors at Apollo, including Dr. I. S Reddy, Dermatologist and Dr. Leenatha Reddy, Pediatric Endocrinologist.We are very happy with the development of our child now. We thank Dr. Sharmila Kaza for her diagnosis and really appreciate her efforts.

Mr. M Jagila, 54 yrs. Tanzania for Dr. Jairamchander Pingle

My wife and myself have both been highly insspired and motivated by high standards of medical and professional two previous operation carried at Muhimbili Orthopaedic Institute (MOI) in Tanzania, this one, here at Apollo seems to be very successful.  I see strength coming back to my realigned, bonegrafted and  new internally fixed femur.

We would like to extend our appreciation to the management staff, Doctors, Nurses, cooks and all members of staff who took the responsibility of taking care of my life since I arrived on 15th December, 2003.  Our special appreciation should go to Dr. Jairamchander Pingle, Dr. Krishna Reddy, Mr. Mohan, Mr. Mohit, Mr. Lokesh and Ms. Asha for their exemplary professionalism kindness and support.  KEEP IT UP.  May alright, God Bless you all.

Mrs. Stella Nyaboke Nyabera, Nairobi, Kenya for Dr. Vijay Dixit

I am a Kenyan. Having had goen through several operations in Nairobi hospitals in Kenya unsuccessfully. My husband met with Mr. Mohan in Kenya who told him about the Apollo Hospitals. We made our way here and from the airport we were picked by ambulance thanks to Mr. Lokesh who acted very fast and organized for a doctor immediately I got admitted. I am thankful for every doctor who attended to me. Plus very friendly nurses. The doctors are perfect. The waiters are doing good job. Cooks, cleaners and the assisting staffs.

During my stay in Apollo Hospital, I was thrilled with every aspect (doctors). I was more so impressed with the excellent job well done by my doctor, Dr. Dixit

Thank you doctor. The hospitality and understanding by Mr. Mohan. The lower class staff were very swift and handy. Thanks to the dieticians also. We will spread the word back in Kenya about Apollo Hospitals and therefore get you patients.

Happy Patient for Dr.Sri Nagesh

Dr.Sri Nagesh, Consultant Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery , Apollo Hospitals, Hyderabad is very good at explaining the medical condition to the patient and also explained the procedure/surgery being performed. We are very thankful and appreciate Dr.Srinagesh for treating us.

Mrs. Roshan Bai Walimohamed, 75 yrs. Kenya for Dr. U.K. Nayak

I think Apollo Hospital, Hyderabad has lived to its motto of “touching lives”. It has definitely touched ours from the excellent professional. services rendered right from arrival to the surgery, the after care and the follow up.

Although it would be difficult to name everyone, I must specifically mention Dr. U.K. Nayak, Mr. Surender Reddy (CEO), the nurses at Deluxe ward, the eversmiling dietician Ms. Shilpi, for their tireless efforts and making our stay verycomfortable. Special thanks also to Mr. Lokesh who was always around when we needed him.

May Allah bless your good work and give you courage and strength to continue serving all walks of life.

Mr. Roshanali M. J. Hameer, Tanzania for Dr. Joshi

Patient in hospital.  Good caring hospital services.  Doctors & Nurses co-operation.  Mr. Lokesh has been very helpful from start to finish.  Surgery options were ruled out due to risks involved.  Pain management by Dr. Joshi.

Mr. Visram & Dr. (Mrs) Khairoonisa M.K. Visram for Dr. Alok Ranjan & Dr. Rahul Lath

Our stay at Apollo Hospitals, Hyderabad was a great experience. The hospital is excellently managed by great working staff.

Our sincere thanks go to the whole staff who have directly or indirectly made our stay as comfortable as possible.  This includes all doctors, nurses, attendant, Radio/Sonographers, Lab personnels, Dietician, Hospital management, Security & last but not least RKHS services & physiotherapy Dept. Special thanks to Dr. Alok Ranjan & Dr. Rahul Lath (You were great)  Dr. Bhagwanth Reddy, Dr. Ratna, Dr. amin, Dr. Navin, Mr. Lokesh, Mr. Radhey Mohan, Ms. Afroz, Lakshmanappa.  We would also like to thank Mr. Safder Jaffer for it is wornderful to walk back home.

Mr. Amour Rashid, Tanzania

You have made directly and indirectly our stay as the most comfortable as possible.

I do not know how to thank all the entire management from Doctors to cleaners. I am very grateful to all Doctors who attended me. God bless you all.

AmourRashid, TANZANIA

Mr. John Kenneth for Dr. Pingle


Mr. John Kenneth Wroe, 54 years, Kenya.

I was so impressed with the standards of the hospital and especially the Wonderful attention of all the staff.

The nursing care is second to none. I had my right knee joint replaced and I was amazed at the speed of my own recovery time. I was honored to give a lecture to nurses and staff on Kenya and I wish Apollo Hospitals and its staff all the best for the future.

ASANTE SANA (THANKS) to Dr. Pingle who carried out my Surgery.

Mr. Akinlolu a. Olajolo for Dr. J.C. Pingle


Mr. Akinlolu a. Olajolo, 22 years, Lagos, NIGERIA.I arrived here with my daughter Mobolaji Olajolo, 22 years old on Ist May and we felt the human touch of Apollo Hosptials right from the Reception Hall of the airport, when two gentleman accosted us here and took us into the hospital Ambulance to the hospital room prepared for us.

I want to emphatically state that I am impressed by the medical treatment received by my daughter. I therefore want to thank most sincerely all the doctors, nurses, dieticians etc but most especially Dr. J.C. Pingle and his team, Dr. Nayak and his team, Dr. Kesavulu and his team. Mr. Radhey Mohan, Mr. Subodh Singh, Mr. Lokesh and a host of others who made our stay enjoyable & unforgettable.

I hope the hospital will keep up this standard but endeavor to improve on the diet to accommodate other views. I shall not hesitate to recommend this hospital to others anywhere any time. Thanks and God bless you all.

Mr. Robert Beeney, USA

  I cannot thank you all enough for the service at Apollo-from the surgical team to the nurses and staff. Wonderful service.

Mr. Mel Demers - USA

  My visit to your hospital has left me with only good memories and the highest regard for the professional and compassionate treatment I received under your care.

Ms.Betty Donovan from- Oklahoma - USA

I just want to thank every one involved with my Brand new knee. I am very excited about being able to do the things I love to do, like playing with my grand children & working in my yard.

Ms. Christine Sauer-Halifax, Canada

  I came here for my Lap. Gastric bypass surgery. We were treated as good as can be, the hospital is very efficient and well organized, extremely clean, the doctors are excellent. Nurses and other staff very caring & well trained. I would come back here for another problem any time. It was worth the long flight here.

Khalid Salim Al-Jardani


My lnsightTravel to lndia, having fractured my left arm and planning to do an operation, was really worrying. I was thinking that it would be a horrible experience.

After arriving in Hyderabad, I was welcomed and taken to the Hyderabad Apollo Health City. I talked to knowledgeable, understanding doctors, and received care from excellent trained nurses.

The Apollo lnternational Office’s supportive and caring administrators arranged the whole visit. I felt very confident and satisfied with the care l was receiving

Now, I am at home, and really feeling happy about my treatment. I believe Apollo provide professional, state-of{he-art treatment and care. There is a clear procedure. You just have to plan what you want in order to receive good quality treatment at a planned cost and have a happy experience. Well’done Apollo. Just wait for me for future follow up.

Khalid Salim Al-Jardani
Sultanate of Oman

Mrs.Nirmal Sethi for Dr.Somashekhar, Nephrologist

  I have known Apollo Since its inception. The services are satisfactory and the doctors are highly qualified and dependable.


  I am very satisfied with the services, I have been visiting Apollo Hospitals since 1991 and the services here are very homely. Doctors are also very friendly in their approach and knowledgeable.

Adala Mahadevi for Dr. Sharmila Kaza


I am extremely grateful to the management of Apollo Hospitals, especially Mrs. Sangeeta Reddy for helping us with the treatment of my daughter Mahadevi who was affected with a rare Disease that causes low blood sugars. The condition was persistent due to which she had to get her pancreas removed. We met Dr. Sharmila Kaza in Out Patient and we were quite taken aback when we were told of her condition. The journey which would have been quite scary otherwise was made very smooth and heartwarming thanks to the Staff at Apollo Hospital.

I felt my child was being taken care more by the Hospital than by us, even after the surgery.

Thanks to the Post-Surgery care by Dr. Prashanth, Dr. Sharmila Kaza and Dr. Leenatha, Dr. Meena and Dr. Samiya, we now have a healthy child who is growing normally unlike our older child, who is disabled with the same illness and we could not get him operated.

Words cannot express our gratitude towards Dr. Sharmila Kaza for the care and support that she extends towards us to this day.

Mr. Kumar for Dr. Durga Prasad, Dr. Anuradha Panda


My child was born in July with very less weight. Doctor Durga Prasad has treated the baby with utmost care and now our child has crossed all the milestones. The services that were provided by the Neonatal ICU and the nurses who took care of my child have been very helpful. I am very satisfied by the services provided by the Pediatric Department of Apollo Hospital.

Heartful thanks to Dr. Durga Prasad, Dr. Anuradha Panda and the nurses Uma and Bena.

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