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Your Score Interpretation

Your Score is: undefined

Interpretation of Score & General Advice :

Most of us can manage varying amounts of pressure without feeling stressed. However too much or excessive pressure too often from multiple spheres of life can overstretch our ability to cope and ‘distress’ is experienced.

Score interpretation:

Score 0 – 5
Your score reflects sound stress coping skills and that you are not affected by negative stress. You are least likely to suffer from stress related illness.

Continue to focus on positive life style (habits) and good work life balance to help maintain this status.

Score 6-10
Your score suggests that you are impacted by stress in some areas of your life. Try to identify current stressors in your life.

Measures that aid in managing stress in your daily lifeare: good nutrition, adequate rest, exercise and relaxation. Other effective measures (particularly at work place) include effective time management, enhancing work skill set and finding a resource (a senior colleague or a friend) to share one’s concerns.

Score 11-15
This score indicates that you are experiencing stress related symptoms that may be reversible by adopting targeted measures. You will benefit with stress management consultation.

Score 16- 20
This score suggests that you are experiencing severe stress. You may be overwhelmed /frustrated by out of control stress in your daily life .You are advised to seek help from a professional stress management consultant who can suggest specific interventions and therapies to help you deal with day to day stress.

Score 21 and Above
This score suggests that you are experiencing very high levels of stress. This makes you vulnerable to stress related physical illnesses such hypertension, irritable bowel syndrome. Etc.

You are advised to meet our Stress management team for advice regarding stress management and emotional wellbeing. We offer compassionate, professional and effective strategies for emotional, physical and if required psychological issues that arise from severe stress.

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