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Hypertension is a marker of your arterial health. Keep your arteries healthy and your blood pressure will be under optimal control and your heart, kidneys and brain will stay strong and healthy..

The Center for Blood Pressure Management at Apollo Hospitals, Hyderguda,
aims to provide excellent patient care in hypertension, difficult to control and resistant hypertension and low blood pressure disorders.

The BP Disorders Clinic has the expertise to provide the best standards of care and uptodate information for patients.

State of the art techniques and tests will be utilized to identify patterns in blood pressure and treat according to latest therapy followed at advanced hypertension centers in USA & Europe.

The Center also plans to develop an excellent research program in hypertension and kidney disease.

Services offered at the Center for Blood Pressure Management :

Consultation and treatment of blood pressure disorders including :

  • Complicated Hypertension
  • Severe resistant hypertension
  • Hypertension in high-risk patients with Coronary artery disease, Stroke, kidney disease, Diabetes mellitus
  • Suspected secondary hypertension
  • Risk stratification and identifying blood pressure goals in patients with borderline hypertension
  • Episodic hypotension secondary to autonomic disorders
  • Consultation and treatment of hypertensive patients allergic to or intolerant of major classes of anti-hypertensive medications
  • 24-hour Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring (ABPM)
  • Measurement of Central (Aortic) Blood pressure and other arterial stiffness indices
  • Clonidine suppression test to diagnose and confirm adrenal tumors causing hypertension

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