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Exploration of Right Thigh and Repair of Right Common Femoral Artery with Evacuation of Haemotoma

The patient presented with complaints of pain and swelling in the right lower limb thigh region. Upon taking history it was known that the patient has undergone coronary angiogram procedure and the puncture of the femoral artery was not done appropriately which resulted in leakage of blood from the puncture site leading to haematoma formation. On performing general and local examination it was found that the patient’s blood pressure was low about 90/70 mm hg, the patient was drowsy and the swelling was progressing and pulsatile. Post laboratory investigation it was found that patients hemoglobin was 5gm/dl. The patient condition was deteriorating.

Based on the above examination and laboratory findings patient has been planned and post Surgery performed: Exploration of right thigh and repair of right common femoral artery with the evacuation of haemotoma. Surgery was done under general anesthesia , the haemotoma was evacuated and a small leak site was found on the common femoral artery for which we have taken the control of Right External Iliac artery and repaired the damaged common femoral artery along with placing a drain pipe.

Post-surgery patient was shifted to ICU and has been placed on Antibiotics, Analgesics, and Anticoagulants. Patients vitals were stabilized. Post 24 hours of surgery patients BP was stabilized and his hemoglobin levels have improved, Surgical site was clean and drain collection was minimal.

Dr. C . Chandra Shekar, DNB, FIVS, FEVS (Department of Vascular and Endovascular Surgery)
Dr. Ch. Anudeep, MBBS, (MS) (Department of Vascular and Endovascular Surgery)

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