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Cancer Clinics

Cancer Clinics in Hyderabad

Breast Clinic

Breast related problems and malignancies are handled by an expert team of Surgical, Medical and Radiation Oncologists and reconstructive surgery specialists to provide not only excellent cure but also aesthetic breast reconstruction. It is a one-stop clinic for all breast-related problems.

Bone Sarcoma Clinic

All Bone Sarcoma patients are discussed in all expert tumour board meetings and the best possible treatments like Limb Salvage Surgeries and Neo-adjuvant Chemotherapy are offered for excellent functional outcomes and negligible chances for amputation.

Apollo Cancer Check

The incidence of cancer is multiplying globally. Chance of cure is high if detected early & treatment initiated. We offer a subsidized package to detect malignancies early so as to nip them in the bud. The investigations are relevant to gender and the common cancers in India. These packages are for a nominal Rs. 2550/- for women and men. They include CBP with ESR, Urine Routine, X-Ray Chest-PA view, Ultrasound Abdomen, Stool for Occult Blood, Oral Examination, Hbs Ag, Discussion (risk factors), and a free consultation with Oncologist with the Pap smear & Mammogram for women.

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