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Apollo School of Nursing Vision & Mission

  • The vision and goal of Archana School of Nursing are to set high standards in academic and clinical studies and create a cadre of world-class nurses.
  • The main objective of the institute is to
  • Develop an aptitude and to provide the necessary knowledge and skill to give world-class comprehensive nursing care to patients in all types of illness.
  • Develop skill in recognizing and interpreting intelligently the physical, mental and emotional manifestation of illness and develop the ability to plan personalized nursing care.
  • To educate/train the student’s practice and teach the principles of healthy living.
  • To educate/train the students: work in co-operation with medical and paramedical in various programmes for the prevention of disease: promotion of good health in the community.
  • Train the students to develop skills in extracurricular activities.
  • To create an academic atmosphere at Apollo Hospital Campus and to improve the quality of nursing.
  • To develop an individual who will be conscious of her duties and responsibilities to her profession and the country.
  • The zest for professional excellence has been a ceaseless endeavour in the Apollo Hospitals Hyderabad group. Within the medical field, the most commendable profession is Nursing, the excellence in which determines the quality of services in the hospitals. Thus, in pursuit of “Medical excellence with Human Touch”, Apollo Hospitals has established Archana School of Nursing.
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