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Apollo Launches Hyderabad’s First Homecare Recovery Program Integrated with Cardiac Surgery


October 5th, 2023: On the occasion of World Heart Day, Apollo Hospitals, the leading cardiac surgery program in Hyderabad, introduced the concept of ‘Home Discharges’ for all patients undergoing cardiac surgery at Apollo Hospitals. The Homecare Recovery program is part of an integrated offering with cardiac surgery thereby constituting an end-to-end continuum of care for cardiac patients from admission to full recovery. This 2-week program promises faster recovery, reduced medical complications, round-the-clock care and is fully integrated with the discharge advice of the cardiac surgeon. This is the first time such a program is being offered in Hyderabad and aims to set a new benchmark in post-discharge clinical care.

Dr Sangita Reddy, JMD, Apollo Group said, “This integrated care offering is a step forward in our vision of providing an effective continuum of care for patients. We believe in being part of a patient’s lifelong health journey. Every heart patient who gets treated at Apollo becomes part of our Healthy Hearts Club. The program design as well as outcomes are on par with best in the world and reinforce our values of clinical excellence.”

Patients who undergo heart surgery often face a long and challenging recovery process post-discharge. While there are a number of organised and unorganised providers who offer nursing and physiotherapy services, these services often not overseen by a doctor, do not follow the discharge advice of the surgeon and are not standardised in terms of quality and protocols. Therefore, patients and their families often struggle with post-surgery challenges such as pain management, wound care, mobility issues, medication management, BP and glucose level fluctuations, sleep disturbances, anxiety, and depression. Their recovery in the short term and long term may not be optimal and they may not reach the goal of desired quality of life. Being in continuous contact with the surgeon for advice in all these situations can be challenging and many hesitate in doing so, thereby adding to their stress.

Recognizing these hurdles, Apollo arrived at the conclusion that surgery is not complete upon hospital discharge; rather, it should extend into the patient’s home in the form of a professionally executed, planned recovery program. Therefore, in conjunction with Apollo Homecare, it has devised a curated and personalized 2-week recovery program which is benchmarked with the global best-in-class cardiac surgery recovery programs. This program is conducted by a team of qualified medical professionals including physicians, nurses, physiotherapists, and care coordinators who work collaboratively to deliver expert medical care and rehabilitation, all under the watchful guidance of the cardiac surgeon. Planned recovery is ensured through a structured day-to-day plan with physical and virtual follow through with specific measurable goals and outcomes.

Dr AGK Gokhale, Sr Consultant Cardiac Surgeon said, “Adherence to the discharge advice is very important to the patient’s recovery and long-term health outcomes. A planned recovery program not only helps patients to follow the discharge advice but also helps them recover faster through proactive mobilization and rehabilitation and helps manage majority of the post-surgical complications. We are certainly seeing this benefit being achieved for our patients”

The program offers multiple advantages. Patients benefit from a faster recovery, often up to two weeks faster than those who don’t opt for a planned recovery program. This accelerated recuperation leads to better long-term outcomes as well. Moreover, patients receive care for common post-discharge medical conditions which reduces post-surgery complications, wound dressing, ongoing parameter monitoring, assistance with medication adherence, round-the-clock support from a dedicated coordinator and overall improved compliance to the surgeon’s post-discharge advice. In cases of emergencies, the hospital and cardiac surgeon are readily accessible, providing patients and their families with much needed access and peace of mind.

Most importantly, this program offers patients careful hand-holding and support throughout their recovery journey until they are restored to their best possible health. To date, Apollo Hospitals has successfully extended this program to more than 300 to 500 patients and their families. Encouraged by their overwhelmingly positive response, Apollo has decided to incorporate Home Discharges into the standard care plan for every cardiac surgery done at the hospital.

About Apollo Hospitals

Apollo Hospitals Group is the world’s largest integrated healthcare provider. Apollo Hospitals Hyderabad is the first corporate hospital in Hyderabad and a leader in cardiac surgery in the city with more than 35,000 cardiothoracic surgeries performed till date. It has pioneered several surgical techniques like bypass surgery on a beating heart, use of internal mammary artery graft and radial artery bypass graft. Apollo Hospitals Group is also the country’s largest heart team with more than 375 specialists across 38 hospitals in India. Set up in 1988, Apollo Hospitals Hyderabad is the first corporate hospital in Hyderabad and recently completed 35 years of service. Apollo Hyderabad has four branches in the city namely Apollo Hospitals Jubilee Hills, Apollo Hospitals Secunderabad, Apollo Hospitals Hyderguda and Apollo Hospitals DRDO.

About Apollo Homecare

Apollo Home Healthcare, a subsidiary of Apollo, is a leading integrated primary healthcare provider set up to address the holistic needs of preventive care, assistance during ailments, pre and post hospitalisation care, disease management programs and healthy ageing through a comprehensive technology enabled model and compassionate care providers

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