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ANA Profile

ELISA based Qualitative immuno blot test *Auto immune antibodies to the following nuclear antigens can be detected under this test.

 NRNP/Smith Jo-1 
Smith   Centromeres 
SS-A(Ro)  dsDNA 
Ribosomal P – Protein Nucleosomes
SS-B(La)  Histones 
Scleroderma-70  AMA-M2
PM-Scl  *** 


Clinical Significance

  1. Anti UI-nRNP High titres present in 95%-100% of patients with mixed connective tissue disease, Sharp syndrome.The titre correlates with the clinical activity of the disease.Also found in 30-40% of patients with disseminated lupus in combination with anti smith.
  2. Anti-Smith Highly specific and present in 20%-40% of patients with disseminated lupus .
  3. Anti SS-A Present in patients with Sjogren’s Syndrome (40%-80%), disseminated lupus(30-40%), primary billary cirrosis (20%), neonatal lupus (100%), occationally in chronic active hepatitis. New born babies some times may get congenital heart block because of anti SS-A when they are transmitted to the foetus from mother.
  4. Anti SS-B Found in Sjogren’s syndrome(40-80%)mostly in women, disseminated lupus(10-20%).
  5. Anti Scl-70 Found in diffuse progressive systemic sclerosis(25%-75%).
  6. Anti PM-Scl Found in 50-70% of patien’s with overlap syndrome.
  7. Anti Jo-1 Found in polymyositis(25%-35%),mostly associated with a concurrent interstitial fibrosis of the lung.
  8. Anti-Centromere Found in 70%-90% of patients with limited form of progressive systemic sclerosis. (CREST syndrome, calcinosis, Raynaud’s disease, esophageal dysfunction, sclerodactylia, teleangiectasia).
  9. Anti ds-DNA Specific for systemic lupus erythematosus(40%-90%).
  10. AntiNucleosomes Specific/marker for SLE.
  11. Anti-Histones Found in drug induced lupus(95%),disseminated lupus(30%-70%),rheumatoid arthiritis(15%-50%).
  12. Anti-ribosomal More specific for systemic lupus. Also frequently found in patients with psychoses, P-Proteins but not significant.
  13. AMA-M2 Are charecteristic of primary biliary liver cirrhosis..
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