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Apollo BGS Hospitals, MysorePrenatal & Post Natal Exercises

Prenatal & Post Natal Exercises

Prenatal & Postnatal Exercises

Antenatal Classes As adults most young women interact with the health care system related to their unique issues of conception and pregnancy. Pregnancy is very special event in every young couple’s life. Understanding the body changes in pregnancy and designing a customized antenatal programme is beneficial for an expecting mother. You must be eagerly looking forward to have your baby and we want to make this experience a healthy and pleasurable one.

Antenatal classes are time well invested and there is evidence to suggest that women cope better with pregnancy and labour if they have attended their antenatal classes. Along with your other skills you will learn relaxation techniques, birthing skills and tips on how both parents can cope with pregnancy and childbirth.

The classes include

  • Gynecological counseling
  • Nutrition education and counseling during pregnancy and nursing period
  • Physiotherapy session on exercises
  • Importance of post natal exercises
  • we have antenatal exercise programme wherein antenatal exercises stars from 4th or 5th months onwards with the consent of your doctor.

Post Natal Exercises

Now that your baby is born you will want to get yourself back into shape. The postnatal period marks the establishment of a new phase of family life for women and their partners and the beginning of the lifelong health record for new born babies. Child birth and care of new born are both physically exhausting tasks. But remember, having baby is the most amazing experience that anyone can have, every child is a gift.

Changes after Birth

  • Stretched and weakened abdominal and pelvic floor muscles
  • Reduced joint stability
  • Large and heavy breast
  • Increased need of energy

After delivery the muscles of abdomen remain lax like a deflated beach ball. This is completely normal. Post natal exercise further helps your tummy to pre pregnancy shape. Child birth places tremendous strain on body, even if labour and delivery were relatively free of complications. So for the first couple of weeks, resting and bonding with your baby are more important. During pregnancy the abdominal muscles split in the middle. Your muscles should heal before you start any vigorous workout. The ligaments and joints are lax for at least 3 months. So you should avoid high impact exercise or vigorous stretches. Consult your doctor before starting exercises.

Benefits of Exercises

Wait for at least 3 weeks after your baby is born, before you embark on an exercise routine. Get the advice of your doctor before you start this programme. It is very important that you feel good to yourself. Set aside some time to attend to your own personal needs.

  • Speedier healing and recovery from the rigours of the birthing process
  • Faster return to pre pregnancy level of fitness
  • Improves body image, posture and self confidence
  • Increases energy to cope with the demands of new motherhood
  • Reduce stress and depression
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