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Warts Removal

Warts are very common growth caused by the human papilloma virus and almost 1 in 20 persons will get a wart some time in his or her life. Warts can occur anywhere, but are most common on the hands, feet, face and genitals. Genital warts are sexually transmitted.

Warts are seen as dry rough 0.5 to 2 cm firm growths that are painless, even when touched or manipulated. They are generally seen as domed or flat-topped growths. When they occur on the genitals, they appear fleshy and pink.

The reason why dermatologists choose to treat warts is because, for the duration for which they do last, they can spread to other parts of one’s own body, be a source of infection to others, cause pain if at a pressure site or embarrassment if located in an exposed area. Depending on the location and type of warts, the treatment options include application of a wart medication at home over a 16 to 20 week period, freezing with liquid nitrogen, electrical cautery or one of a variety of lasers.

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