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Apollo BGS Hospitals, MysoreNeuro Radiology Services

Neuro Radiology Services

Read about the treatments we offer, including complex brain surgery, treatment of acute head injuries, Neuro - Endoscopic Surgery, Endovascular Coiling of Aneurysms and Vascular Malformations, Robotic Neurorehabilitation etc...

Neuro Radiology Services

Interventional Neuro Radiology: Separate departments and separate machines are available for this crucial area. More than 150 therapeutic procedures and more than 300 diagnostic procedures are being done annually.

The following radiological services are at the disposal of the Neurosurgical Department

  • Neuro-sonogram Trans-cranial Doppler.
  • 128 slice CAT scans.
  • 1.5 Tesla MRI with provisions for Spectroscopy.
  • Tractography and Functional studies.
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