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Critical Care

Critical Care

1.Critical Care Medicine (Intensive Care Medicine or ICU Medicine), with a focus on standardized care, and specialty Respiratory Critical Care Medicine

ICU medicine has assumed an exponential need and tremendous importance in India with increasing intensity of illness, and has been met by the rapid progress of knowledge, skills, and technology in the field.  As per one study, every human being will have at least 1.7 trips to the ICU in a lifetime. Traditionally, through the inception and development of ICU care, the focus has been on proactive intervention, rapid stabilization, and careful monitoring in a high-tech environment. With progress in technology and life-support, ICU care has assumed qualities not commonly seen earlier: more complexity, longer stays, more secondary events, and more complications and infections. Care in the ICU is expensive, due to the need for infrastructure, equipment, and skilled personnel, adding multiple economic pressures to this equation. With this background, the average mortality in most modern ICU’s still approaches 50%.

In such a situation, ICU physicians assume much more than just the role of an intensivist tiding over critical illness in a high-tech environment. It is incumbent on ICU physicians to maintain a thorough knowledge of new developments and technologies, with proven outcomes data, and to apply each one proactively when caring for the critically ill patient. They also need to see the larger perspective of long-term outcomes in order to prevent complications related to treatments used in the ICU setting. The thrust is not only the immediate stabilization of critically ill patients, but also the planning and institution of measures that will favorably influence the ultimate outcomes.

In Apollo hospitals Jayanagar, we offer such a standardized approach, to favorably impact on outcomes in critically ill patients. In addition, specialty areas of ICU care, such as Respiratory Critical Care is the need of the hour in Indian urban cities, with the explosion of Respiratory disease. Here at Apollo, we aim to provide a high level of expertise in Respiratory Critical Care.

This is done adopting a unique approach combining state-of-the-art infrastructure, equipment, with skilled and experienced personnel including both physicians, nurses, and other para-medical staff.

There is a severe dearth of centers providing such a comprehensive approach in our country.2.Other State-of-the-Art Life Saving Critical Care facilities

We have expertise in life-saving methodologies and technologies which can impact on outcomes in critically ill patients including:

  • Prone Ventilation for ARDS and Respiratory failure
  • High-Frequency Oscillation for ARDS
  • Therapeutic Hypothermia post-cardiac arrest
  • Non-Invasive Ventilation, to avoid invasive ventilatory support in patients with Respiratory Failure and Congestive Heart Failure

The Critical Care Services offered by the Department include:

  • Respiratory failure due any cause including but not limited to:
    • Pneumonia – Community acquired/Hospital-associated/Viral/H1N1
    • Acute severe COPD Exacerbations and Acute severe Asthma/Status asthmaticus
    • ARDS (Acute Respiratory Distress syndrome)
    • Pulmonary Embolism
    • OSA and other Type II respiratory failures
  • Shock due to any cause, commonly:
    • Sepsis and septic Shock
    • Management of Multiorgan dysfunction (MODS)
  • Expertise in Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation, and post-Cardiac Arrest Care
  • Post operative Critical Care.
  • Neurological Critical Care
    • Stroke
    • Intractable seizures
    • Coma And altered sensorium due to any cause
  • Renal Failure
  • Cardiac problems requiring critical care
  • Toxicological problems
    • Poisoning
    • Drug Overdose
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