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Movement Disorders

Read about common Neurological disorders and their diagnosis and treatments in an easy to understand format..

Parkinson’s disease (Movement disorders)

Parkinson’s Disease can be well controlled with the latest Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) surgery. Here we insert special electrodes deep inside the brain by performing stereotactic surgery. We subsequently stimulate certain areas which relieves the disease manifestations. This is a revolutionary treatment for patients suffering from this dreaded disease. Many patients from India and abroad are being effectively treated using this modality every year in our centre.

The department offers different treatment options for adults and children suffering from movement disorders including parkinsons disease, tremors and dystonia. The department uses a multidisciplinary approach working closely with imaging technology like MRI, rehabilitation and pain management.

  • Botulinum toxin injections guided by electromyography for dystopia and post stroke spasticity.
  • Baclofen intrathecal pump surgery for spasiticity.
  • Sleep Disorders & Vertigo (Neuro Otology).
  • The department has a well established sleep lab and ENG and specializes in the treatment of sleep disorders.
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