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Slipped Disc

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Slipped Disc

A prolapsed disc is a condition when the inner, softer part of the disc bulges out through a weakness in the outer part of the disc. This bulging disc may then press on nearby nerves which in turn causes discomfort and pain. The symptoms include – back pain, ache in the arm or leg and pinpricks felt in feet, toes and hands.


As a rule, surgery may be considered if the symptoms have not settled after about six weeks or so. At Apollo Hospitals, the spine surgeons may opt for: Keyhole surgery – Also known as microdiscectomy spine surgery, it is typically performed when there is a prolapsed disc in the lumbar (lower back) region which is pressing against a nerve. Disc replacement – An artificial disc is a device that is implanted into the spine to imitate the functions of a normal disc (carry load and allow motion). Artificial discs are usually made of metal or plastic-like (biopolymer) materials, or a combination of the two. The disc replacement for prolapsed disc is done in the cervical ( neck) spine.

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