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Our aim of the care is to achieve a healthy mother and child with the least possible level of intervention that is compatible with safety.

We strive to support you, your partner and your family during labour, at the moment of childbirth and in the period thereafter. This is done by keen observation; monitoring of the fetal condition and of the condition of the infant after birth; assessment of risk factors; early detection of problems. Minor interventions such as amniotomy and episiotomy are performed if necessary. A pediatrician or a neonatologist takes care of the infant after birth.

Throughout labour and delivery your physical and emotional well-being is regularly assessed. This implies measuring of temperature, pulse and blood pressure, checking fluid intake and urine output, assessing pain and need of support. This monitoring is maintained until the conclusion of the birthing process.

Particular attention to your privacy during labour is provided. Your choice of companions will be respected and the presence of unnecessary persons in the labour room will be avoided.

LDR (Labour- Delivery- Recovery)

The deliver process happens in the LDR (Labour- Delivery- Recovery) suites.

All LDR Suites will be decorated in soft, soothing colours and will be furnished with a multi-position birthing bed that adjusts to a variety of birthing positions to enable labour and an easy delivery.

The LDR Suites are designed close to the Operation Theatres, in case the mother needs to be moved during the delivery process for an unplanned surgical procedure. Following delivery and recovery in the LDR Suite, the mother and child will be shifted to a suite/ VIP room, where they will recuperate till they are ready to leave.

Labour-Delivery-Recovery (LDR) Suites are designed to accommodate an average length of stay of 12 hours. They operate on a 24-hour basis and are fully equipped with all the medical necessities for an uncomplicated birth. Much of it will be tucked into closets or behind wall hangings, yet within easy reach of the doctors and nurses. A push of a button, and all the equipment, secreted away in the panels of the room, will be made available to the doctor for a safe, healthy delivery.

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