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Acne, commonly called pimples, occurs during the acme of life, in other words the best or peak years of life.95% of all people develop some acne between the ages of 15 and 35.It can begin earlier than 15 years of age or last later than 35. Once acne begins, it runs its own course spanning a period 4 to 10 years or more and then pimples will cease to appear.

What happens within the skin in acne?

Acne arises from hair follicles. Not all follicles produce acne, though they are found all over the body. Terminal or thick dark hair is produced only in certain areas. The other follicles either produce thin pale hair that can be seen with cross lighting as fuzz or invisible hair.

Acne (Pimples) Treatments

  • Chemical peels in acne work by expelling clogged pores, reduce scaring, and killing the bacteria that cause acne eruptions. Various peels are performed according to the condition which needs to be treated.
  • A series of peels are often necessary along with a Post Peel Care regimen will result in a clear blemish less face.
  • Indications in which peels are done
    • Acne Vulgaris (Microcomedones, Inflammatory acne, Greasy oily skin).
    • Acne scars
    • Post Acne pigmentation.
  • Advanced Peels performed at Dermavision.
  • We use Glycolic Acid Peel along with Microderm for optimal results.
  • Salicylic acid peel for inflammatory acne
  • IPL treatment for Acne (Blue Light therapy) is an advanced treatment option for a most common skin problem. Acne treatment mode is one of the most important functions of an IPL. Most commonly used function in my practice is this mode and it gives patients a new approach to their acne problem. It addresses both acne and pigmentation issues in a single treatment.

When & Why to do IPL for Acne?

  • Patients not responding to conventional modalities (Resistance)
  • Patients fed up of taking antibiotics and are looking for an alternative.
  • Need for a quicker recovery.

Additional benefits of doing IPL in Acne

  • Post-acne Pigmentation improves along with Acne. The remaining spectrum of an IPL ( 510 nm) treats pigmentary changes which is associated with acne.
  • Textural and Skin tone improvement. Activation of fibroblasts cytokine secretion and the resultant stimulation of collagen, elastin, and glycosaminoglycans, by the 560nm – 585nm wavelength yield a simultaneous improvement in skin color and general appearance.
  • The smoother appearance of the skin is due to sebaceous gland shrinkage.
  • Reduction of oiliness of skin: Acne scars are managed effectively with various procedures like Chemical peels, Dermarollers, Fractional CO2, Microdermabrasion, Subcision, and Punch elevation. Ideal type of procedure will be decided once the dermatologist evaluates the patient.
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