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Ambulance Services

The Emergency services are available 24/7, 365 days a year. All kinds of medical emergencies are managed by the emergency room. The paramedics and medical staff are BLS and ACLS certified by the American Heart Association. The emergency room has a fleet of fully equipped ambulances stationed at various locations to facilitate easy access in an emergency. To seek any Emergency treatment from Apollo BGS hospitals, Mysore – Accident & Emergency Centre, please call the following numbers Emergency helpline: 1066 Ambulance: 1066  Emergency Department: 0821-246 6004 / 246 6005

Ambulance Services

Hospital on Wheels

Following Research and Development the core team at Apollo Hospitals has designed an ambulance that suits the Indian conditions and is affordable. These ambulances are fully equipped and are capable of beginning emergency care at the site of incident and through the journey to a hospital. These ambulances are named “Hospital on Wheels” to distinguish them from traditional transport ambulances.

The ambulances are located at strategic locations in the city providing easy access to people living in different parts of the city.

During a medical emergency, even a few minutes can make a difference between life and death. This initial critical period of definitive medical care is called the “Golden Hour”. Ambulance services are provided to attend the medical emergency in Mysore.

Emergency helpline: 1066
Ambulance: 1066
Emergency Department: – 0821-246 6004 / 246 6005

Ambulance has inbuilt ICR services with transport ventilators, cardiac monitors, lifesaving drugs and all emergencies are managed by ACLS/ATLS trained ER Specialists and will deliver pre-hospital care and stabilizes patients and transports the patients to hospital will first aid care.

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