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Apollo BGS Hospitals, MysoreWhat Should I Do To Give My Sample For Testing?

What Should I Do To Give My Sample For Testing?

What should I do to give my sample for Testing?

  • All patients for blood tests should proceed to the Phlebotomy room on the ground floor. Phlebotomy is located just behind the reception desk at the main entrance to the hospital. The service is open between 7.00 and 20:00 hrs from Monday through Saturday and between 7:00 and 15:00 hrs on Sundays.
  • When you arrive at phlebotomy please take a ticket at dispenser and wait seated in the waiting area until your number is called. When your number is displayed proceed to the phlebotomy room with your ticket and a phlebotomist will collect your blood.
  • A laboratory request form or a letter from your GP is required for a blood test. If you require clarification on any issues please ask the Phlebotomy Reception staff who will answer any queries.
  • Patients who are fasting should only drink water before the blood test.
  • The results of all blood tests are available at the report dispatch counter at the radiology reception on the ground floor.
  • Patients who are dropping off a specimen or have tests that require only urine/stool sample can go directly to the phlebotomy reception.
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