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Transfusion Medicine

The Division of Transfusion Medicine is responsible the collection and testing of blood to be given to patients at Apollo Hospitals Mysore (traditional “blood banking”). It is fully equipped with state of the art technology for component separation and Aphaeresis procedures. Transfusion Medicine Department operates 24×7 for collection, separation and issuing of blood components to patients mainly in house and to other surrounding nursing homes and hospitals. Blood bank is committed to assuring safe blood products through good manufacturing practices controlled by quality standards, skilled manpower and high end technology.

The division is also responsible for collecting and processing hematopoietic stem cells for blood and bone marrow transplantation, we also perform therapeutic aphaeresis procedures to treat patients with neurologic, kidney, and blood diseases.

The blood bank strives to issue the right component with right quality, right quantity, to right patient at right time.

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