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Patient Testimonials

  • First Liver Transplant
  • How does it feel to get a liver transplant done at Apollo BGS Hospitals, Mysuru?
  • Apollo BGS Hospitals Mysore – Venkatsubbaih
  • Apollo Hospitals Mysore – Jishnu, Infosys Employee
  • Apollo BGS Hospitals Mysore – Testimonial
  • What is Liver Cirrhosis? What should one do to avoid it? – Dr. Devaraja R.
  • You can now look better !!! Hear it first from – Dr. Satish H.V.
  • You have the power to save lives! How can you do that? – Dr. Yashwant Kumar
  • What is Obstructive Sleep Apnea? What is the importance? – Dr. Avinash
  • You can now beat H1N1 or the Swine Flue !!!! – Dr. Madhu K.
  • What happens if you do not drive safe? – Dr. Narayana Hegde
  • A video message on #WorldTraumaDay – Dr K.V. Lokesh
  • How FAST should you be during a STROKE? – Dr. Somanath Vasudeva
  • Two types of Common Disorders in UROLOGY !!! – Dr. Maniyur Raghavendran
  • What is FNAC ? – Dr. Venugopal
  • Are you suffering from BACK ACHE ? How to deal with it? – Dr. Manjunath G.S
  • Know about department of General Medicine – Dr. K.A. Prahlad
  • Know about department of Radiology – Dr. Shiva Prasad M.D
  • Know what is Asthma ? What is the relevance of it on World Asthma Day – Dr. Madhu.K
  • Drive Carefully! You might not want to miss this advice! – Dr. Narayana Hegde
  • Sinusitis is common. Know how? – Dr. M.N. Harindra
  • How to deal with Diabetes? – Dr. Anish Behl
  • Know what Dengue is? – Dr. Sripathi Adhikari
  • What is Rheumatology? – Dr. Shiva Prasad B.N
  • Understand the importance of Health Check !!! – Dr. Impana G.N
  • Did you know this was Swine Flue? – Dr. Sanjeeva Rao Girimaji S
  • Facilities @Apollo BGS Hospitals, Mysuru, Neurology – Dr. K.S. Bopaiah
  • What is an Infection & Sepsis? – Dr. Harish Nayak
  • What is Prostatic Enlargement? – Dr. Maniyur Raghavendran
  • Stroke and FAST ! How are they related? – Dr. Aumir Moin
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