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Apollo BGS Hospitals, MysoreSpinal Tumors & Spinal Injuries

Spinal Tumors & Spinal Injuries

Read about common Neurological disorders and their diagnosis and treatments in an easy to understand format..

Spinal Tumors

A spinal tumor or a growth of any kind – whether cancerous or not, can impinge on nerves, leading to pain, neurological problems and sometimes paralysis. The symptoms include loss of sensation or muscle weakness, especially in the legs, difficulty in walking, sometimes leading to falls and loss of bowel or bladder function.

Newer techniques and instruments enable surgeons at Apollo Hospitals, India to reach tumors or treat delicate injuries even in the most inaccessible areas. High-powered microscopes are used during surgery and in some instances even intradural tumors are removed. In select patients, Total Spondylectomy – removal of the entire vertebra is done as a definitive cure.

Spinal Injuries

A spinal cord injury occurs when there is damage to the spinal cord either from trauma, loss of its normal blood supply, or compression from tumor or infection. The injuries may be of two types – complete or incomplete. In complete injuries the body ceases to function below the level of injury. In incomplete injuries there is some function remaining below the level of injury.

Surgery is performed for spinal cord injury to stabilize the spine. If the vertebrae are weakened from fracture, tumor or infection, they may not be capable of supporting the normal weight from the body and protecting the spinal cord. A combination of metal screws, rods and plates may be necessary to help hold the vertebrae together and stabilize them until the bones heal. After surgery it is critical that patients undergo a thorough rehabilitation program. This may include methods to help the patient maximize their function through physical and occupational therapy and the use of assistive devices.

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